Five Things You Need to Know about Viacom’s Global Snapchat Partnership

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Here’s what you need to know about Viacom’s global partnership with Snapchat.

​1) You will “Discover” more Viacom on Snapchat than ever before. Two Viacom channels join Snapchat’s outrageously popular Discover feature: International Comedy Central and U.S. MTV. This complements the domestic Comedy Central and international MTV channels that already live there. It also means more videos like this from Australian rockers 5 Seconds of Summer:

​2) More Viacom channels on Snapchat means more original Viacom content on Snapchat Discover. That means exclusive celebrity interviews, WTF News articles from Comedy Central, and original series made for Snapchat like Comedy Central’s “Swag-A-Saurus.” You know, stuff like this:

​3)      You will see more Viacom tentpoles on Snapchat. Viacom will provide Snapchat expanded access to cover our culture-defining tentpoles, including the MTV VMAs and EMAs, the BET Experience and more with their addicting Live Stories platform. ​

4)      Viacom can now sell more ads on Snapchat. As part of this partnership, our Ad Sales team can sell ads not only on our own Discover channels, but also the ads on the popular Snapchat-​produced “Live Stories” – like Valentine’s Day or New York City. This is exciting because it will be a frictionless way for our television clients to advertise on Snapchat, granting them access to the young, mobile audience that calls the app home. tform. ​

5)      Viacom and Snapchat – not a new Thing. Viacom and Snapchat have already been working together for quite some time. Our Viacom Velocity team has created custom ad campaigns that ran on Snapchat Discover and Live Stories platforms.

Still want more details? Read the press release. Or go to Snapchat now and see what you can Discover.​

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