Jackie Rouleau has Thrived at Paramount for 45 Years Thanks to Hard Work and Good Fortune

Jackie Rouleau has seen a lot in her 45 years at Paramount. In the early days, she worked with 35 millimeter film, then the industry standard for movies. Now, the content is mostly digital media. Rouleau remembers how she used to send a physical reel of a movie to theaters for distribution. Now, she says she sends theaters a digital copy on a hard drive. Almost everything has changed, says Rouleau, except for the basics.

“Paramount still has pictures, people still have theaters,” said Rouleau.


Jackie Rouleau has been an asset to Paramount for 45 years.

Rouleau remembers relocating frequently in the beginning of her time at Paramount. She started working for the company in San Francisco, and with a promotion to the booking department went to Seattle. She then moved to Denver after being promoted to the sales department. When Paramount started consolidating branches in the 80s, Rouleau transferred to the LA office, where she has been ever since. She credits her long tenure at Paramount to “a combination of hard work and dumb luck.”

Joe Saladino, Rouleau’s boss and Paramount’s senior vice president of sales, can attest to her hard work.

“Her longevity is truly a testament to her work ethic and dedication to her job,” said Saladino.

Saladino says Rouleau is consistently the first employee to come to the office each morning.

“She’s working before the sun comes up,” said Saladino. Rouleau even comes to work on holidays, just to get a jump start on the week’s workload.

Today, her job consists of a great deal of data entry and computer work. She will enter play dates and terms for new releases in the database. Once she talks to movie exhibitors, she has to update the system. The weekend grosses determine what she will be doing on Monday with sales. Rouleau and her department were busy throughout the winter, with new releases such as Zoolander 2, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Jackie and Scott 400px

Viacom’s Executive Vice President of Human Resources, Scott Mills, congratulates Rouleau on her achievement.

Technology has made a huge difference in Rouleau’s career and life. She remembers how long it used to take for her to do business with clients over the phone or through snail mail. Thanks to email, business can move forth much faster. She credits Paramount with helping her stay in touch with current trends. As technology evolves, Paramount keeps Rouleau and her colleagues equipped with the latest devices. Rouleau recalls receiving a Blackberry, and more recently a work iPad and iPhone. She is now a devout Apple convert.

“The new technology helps me stay young,” said Rouleau. It also helps her stay in touch with her family in Massachusetts, something she is grateful for.

When her 45th anniversary came around, Rouleau was touched by her coworker’s celebration. “They treated me like I was Queen,” exclaimed Rouleau. “Not just for the day, for the entire week!”

On the week of her anniversary, Human Resources presented her with a floral arrangement and certificate in a silver frame. Her department had a luncheon at a private room in an Italian restaurant on March 8, the actual date of her anniversary. On Thursday she received a basket with Paramount luggage, T-shirts, and other gifts, including cupcakes. Every department stopped by her office to congratulate her.

At her luncheon Rouleau was overwhelmed with gratitude when she looked at her coworkers. She felt like she was around close friends.

“I looked all around, and for the first time, I really understood what it felt like to be honored.”

Rouleau says she is happy to have her health and plans on working as long as she can at Paramount.

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