Velocity Content Network Explained in 3.5 Lines (Plus a Funny Life Hack Video)

A few weeks ago, Viacom launched the Velocity Content Network (VCN)​, a new division of our Viacom Velocity integrated marketing and creative content team. But what the heck is it, exactly, and what does it do? Here’s a quick overview:

1. The Velocity Content Network creates social media branded content (such as funny, entertaining videos) that actually guarantee advertisers a certain number of views.

2. We can do this because:​​

  • We use data science to target the correct audience, inform creative strategy, distribute content and measure and report results.
  • We know how our fans use social media: Velocity has been tracking our social media performance for almost two years via the echo social graph. This means we can accurately predict and keep track of every click or share our content generates.
  •  We have a whole host of tactics we can use and places we can distribute our content to ensure we reach those guaranteed views, including all Viacom brands’ social media channels as well as influencers and paid partnerships.

We have social talent relationships and casting expertise to solve the brands + talent = views equation.​

3. When we put all this together, the results are pretty awesome. Just check out this Velocity collaboration with What’s Up Moms, the number one parenting brand on YouTube. It taps into our social connection to promote fun, holiday hacks for millennial moms with Hershey’s chocolate.​

​ ​

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