433 Million LinkedIn Users Put Viacom on a Very Select List

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

It’s award season at Viacom. We just wrapped Spike’s Guys Choice and the CMT Music Awards. This Saturday, Logo hosts the Trailblazer Honors, and the BET Awards descend upon Los Angeles the following day. VH1 brings back the Hip Hop Honors after a six-year absence on July 11, while Nickelodeon gears up for Kids’ Choice Sports on July 17. And we’ll close the summer out with MTV’s VMAs at Madison Square Garden on Aug. 28.

While we were busy queueing up the slime and the Moonmen to acknowledge our honorees for their excellence, a separate committee was at work delivering a pretty cool recognition to Viacom: a place on LinkedIn’s Top Attractors list. The top professional social media network built this compendium of the 40 best U.S. companies at attracting and keeping talent by analyzing the actions of its more than 433 million members.

433 million. That is huge – like, more people than live in our entire country huge. And for the actions of that many professionals to point to Viacom as the sort of place that the very best want to be is an incredible testament to our workplace culture. And it is a pretty great culture, with, among many other perks, ample opportunities to volunteer (sometimes even extra vacation days to do it), benefits such as adoption assistance and pet insurance, and a focus on creating attractive, functional work spaces.

But the true appeal of working at Viacom, for many, goes well beyond these sorts of wow-that’s-neat line items a recruiter could tick off during an informational interview. With brands tailored to consumers all over the world, beloved movie and television franchises, a focus on putting fans first, and a strong presence in our communities, most people have at one time or another connected with Viacom, often in ways that are deep, genuine and lasting. And for a lot of those fans, the chance to work with these brands that have so powerfully influenced them is the primary thing that drives them (and keeps them) here. It is because of this passion that Viacom will continue to produce fans first content far into the future.

To compile the list, LinkedIn looked at things such as activity around job applications, how deeply its users engaged with a brand, and how long new hires stayed around. Those who do stick around have pretty good things to say about the company too – Indeed.com, which hosts the largest repository of employee reviews in the world, recently named Viacom to its list of 50 top companies to work for.

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