The Loud House is Loud and Proud

Like many other kids growing up in the 90s, I loved watching Nickelodeon. No one ever offered such unfiltered and hilarious content for kids like Nick. And Nickelodeon gave us everything, just for us: Kids’ game shows with Double Dare and Figure It Out; Nickelodeon sketch comedy with All That; the news on Nick News; and our very own awards show, Kids’ Choice, where we actually got to vote for our favorite stars.

Nickelodeon’s commitment to diversity, to being for all kids, has been a major part of the brand since day one. And they took yet another step forward recently with the new animated series, The Loud House. The Loud House is about a 10-year-old boy, Lincoln Loud, who grows up in a house with 10 sisters (and only one bathroom). It’s a classic Nickelodeon setup: a chaotic nuclear family and a protagonist who only adds to the hijinks with help from his best friend, Clyde McBride.


The Loud House is mixing things up on Nickelodeon. Photo courtesy of

And in a recent episode, they added something great to the modern family mix, Clyde’s parents—a married, gay, interracial couple.

Howard and Harold McBride are loving parents in the episode, Overnight Success, which shows the couple arriving with a sleeping bag, footie pajamas, and a white-noise-machine in preparation for Clyde’s sleepover. If anything, the most prominent impression they leave is that they are the ultimate helicopter parents, and hilariously so.

The episode generated great positive buzz and support on social media, and in the press. And fans tweeted enthusiastically about Nickelodeon’s healthy representation of an LGBT couple.

Viacom is known for its LGBT initiatives and promotion of equality. We’re the only media company with a network entirely devoted to an LGBT fan base, Logo. Logo’s hit show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, was recently nominated for several Emmy awards. Our recent Paramount blockbuster, Star Trek Beyond, features a gay character, John Cho’s Sulu, who is shown raising a daughter with his male partner.

LGBT rights and issues are among our highest priorities when it comes to corporate social responsibility, and Viacom’s brands rallied with tremendous support after the recent tragedy in Orlando.

We’re “Loud” and proud of our commitment to LGBT representation, and The Loud House is yet another great example of our great creative work.

Watch the Loud House on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. Visit the website for show clips, full episodes, and more.

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