Viacom’s Deepak Daswani Travels to Nick’s KCA Sports as Winner of Employee Events & Programs Sweepstakes

The Kids’ Choice Sports Awards is the sole award show where fan engagement, wacky stunts, and sports legends converge. This year’s ceremony attracted 2.5 million viewers. It was the most-watched sports show for kids in the K2-11 and K6-11 age range, even as it competed with a trio of massively popular sports-themed shows: the 2016 ESPY Awards, and the Major League Baseball Home Run Derby All-Star Game.

Unlike those viewers sorting through their options at home, however, Viacom’s Deepak Daswani got to watch the show live at the Pauley Pavilion in Los Angeles.  He got to take his wife Leena, and two sons—12-year-old Shaan and 9-year-old Dev – with him. Daswani is the latest winner in our ongoing sweepstakes series that has sent many Viacom employees to some of our many culturally resonant award shows over the past few months.

Daswani is a 20-year Viacom veteran, and this was his first time attending one of our award shows. He currently works in the accounting department at Viacom Headquarters in New York. Winning this trip to Los Angeles for the Kids’ Choice Sports Awards was a home run for him and his family.

I spoke with Daswani to see what made the Kids’ Choice Sports Awards such a phenomenal adventure for his family.


Deepak Daswani, his wife Leena, and sons Shaan and Dev at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Sports Awards. Photo courtesy of Deepak Daswani.

Lisa Di Venuta: Congratulations on winning the trip to the Kids’ Choice Sports Awards, Deepak. What made you want to enter this contest?

Deepak Daswani: I entered because it is a family-oriented show. When I won, my wife and I had to decide how we would tell our sons, since it’s such a special occasion. We ended up telling them that attending the show would be a reward for them, if they promised to read every day this summer.

LD: That’s a great idea. How was the VIP experience?

DD: We stayed at the W Hollywood Hotel. It couldn’t have been better—from the accommodation, to the show itself. We loved being chauffeured around. We actually ended up extending our stay for two days because we loved it so much in Los Angeles. We checked out the Paramount Lot.

LD: That’s wonderful. So, tell me a bit about the show.

DD: I don’t think anything was lacking. I loved seeing Kobe Bryant take his award.

LD: That was an awesome moment! What was it like for your kids?

DD: It was the perfect awards show to bring them to. We got to sit near some familiar faces from Viacom, who also brought their kids. It was a nice time for them to be around other kids, at a show completely oriented towards kids.

The ESPY Awards were going on the same week, but I think the Kids’ Choice Sports was better than any adult award show.

LD: How did working for Viacom impact your perspective at this show?

DD: I’ve worked at Viacom for 20 years, and this was the first time I’ve been to one of our shows. I’m a back-office employee, but this company is one of the few places I’ve worked at where we actually see the product we work on. We are the end consumers of the product. It made it a very meaningful experience.

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Dev Daswani hangs out with some new friends at the Kids’ Choice Sports Awards. Photo courtesy of Deepak Daswani.

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