Younger, Drunk History and Lip Sync Battle Return as South Park Turns 20 – See What Else We Have Coming This Quarter

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom
I Love Kellie Pickler returns to CMT. The VMAs bring (no doubt) another many moments that we will be talking about for years. South Park turns one year short of legal drinking age. Drunk History, Younger, and Lip Sync Battle all come back. The BET Hip Hop Awards return. And Paramount continues to release major films, starting with Florence Foster Jenkins on Aug. 12 and Ben-Hur on Aug. 19. As we wrap up Q3 2016, browse the calendar below to see exactly when and where these and dozens of other shows are scheduled to drop as we continue our momentum into the final part of our fiscal year. All dates are subject to change.
Paramount Upcoming Premieres Q3 2016 Graphic - 824

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