Viacom’s Top Networks to Join AT&T’s Streaming-Only DIRECTV NOW Service

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

Viacom just announced that fifteen of our top networks will join the more than 100 that will be available on AT&T’s DIRECTV NOW streaming service when it launches later this year. Here’s what you need to know:

No television necessary

DIRECTV NOW will be available entirely and only online. That means you can access it through those devices that you carry around with you and use for basically everything else. All you’ll really need is an internet connection. And if AT&T is your wireless provider, you will even be able to watch beyond the boundaries of the connected world without vacuuming up data.

Deadline quoted AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson on this unique setup recently: “The data required to stream [DIRECTV NOW] on your mobile device is incorporated into the price of the content … If you choose to use that in a mobile environment on AT&T [then] your data cost will be incorporated into your content cost.”

The gang’s all here

Viacom’s family of cable networks reach more viewers than anyone else. We’ve worked with AT&T to make sure DIRECTV NOW carried some of our most beloved, resonant, impactful properties, including MTV, MTV2, MTV ClassicVH1, CMT, BET, Logo, Nickelodeon, NicktoonsNick Jr., TeenNickComedy Central, TV Land, Spike and Centric. So, lots of stuff like this:

It’s a perfect fit

Our viewers have always been at the vanguard of digital technology, so a streaming-only product slides right into their world.

“Viacom’s audiences are among the most sophisticated and enthusiastic consumers of programming on digital platforms, both at home and on the go,” said Viacom Executive Vice President of Global Content Denise Denson. “We are committed to delivering the highest-quality content wherever and whenever our fans choose to enjoy it, and are excited to be launching a broad portfolio of our popular networks on DIRECTV Now.”

Viacom will continue to evolve as our new digital world does

Whether we’re brightening up TV Land by more seamlessly delivering its awesome original content to all devices or overhauling our RateMyProfessor App or signing new partnerships with Snapchat, Viacom is constantly working to deliver a more accessible, integrated and comprehensive constellation of properties that are available basically anywhere, anytime.

We’re not alone 

When AT&T launches DIRECTV NOW, it will host more than 100 networks and will include a blend of live and on-demand programming. The company has not yet released details on exactly which networks and programming will be available.

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