Introducing 2016 Viacom Employee Halloween Costume Contest Winner Allison Rube…Madonna at the 1984 VMAs


Congratulations to Allison Rube (aka Madonna), on winning Viacom’s 2016 Employee Halloween Costume Contest.

Rube channeled the Queen of Pop’s iconic 1984 MTV VMA red carpet style with an all-white ensemble. Rube is a huge Madonna fan, and labored over finding each part of her costume—from the rocker-chic wedding dress to the white gloves and nameplate belt.



Allison Rube may not have won a Moonman, but she’s the winner of Viacom’s 2016 Employee Halloween Costume Contest for her version of Madonna’s 1984 VMA ensemble.

We caught up with the winner to discuss her retro look.

Describe your department and role at Viacom.

I am a sales service executive, covering digital ad sales for Vh1 and Logo.

What inspired your costume? What made you choose this one?

I wanted to wear something fun and creative. I love Madonna and her music. I always see people dress as Madonna on Halloween and she has so many different and famous “looks.” I had never seen anyone attempt her 1984 VMA look – and that one is my favorite!

Describe how you put the costume together and how long it took.

I had so much fun creating this costume. It took a lot of time and effort because every piece came from a different store or website (Forever 21, American Apparel, Victoria’s Secret, Party City, H&M…). I was so excited when it finally came together.

What are some of your favorite Madonna songs?

My favorite Madonna song is Borderline.

What did you do for Halloween?

Halloween is a few days after my birthday, so I celebrated both events with friends.

Why do you think your costume was so popular with employees?

In addition to its creativity, I think Viacom employees love supporting MTV’s brand and Viacom.

Read our interview with last year’s winner here.

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