Right Around the Bend: See What Our Brands Offer for the Final Days of Election Coverage

It’s time.

While you wait in line to cast your vote, check out what MTV, BET, and Comedy Central are doing to represent their diverse audiences with unique media coverage of one of the most memorable elections in U.S. History.

MTV: 360 degrees of democracy

MTV knows its millennial fan-base well. With plenty of places to be on Nov. 8 (namely the polls) and plenty of distractions, the network is grabbing our attention from every direction with multiplatform election day coverage. Here’s the breakdown:

On linear television: At 3 p.m., MTV, MTV2, MtvU, and MTV live will begin broadcasting live MTV News updates, running every hour until the president elect is announced.

On social media: Remember MTV’s iconic music update, 10 to the Hour, Every Hour? It’s back, with an Election Day twist. At 6:50 p.m., MTV will go live with 10 to the Hour, Every Hour news briefs throughout the night on YouTube and Facebook.

Each Facebook Live session will cover themes that MTV has focused on this entire election season, including climate change, immigration, reproductive rights, and the economy. They’ll also bring you pertinent election day details as they unfold. Senior Political Correspondent Ana Marie Cox will report live from Donald Trump headquarters, and Senior National Correspondent Jamil Smith will be live from Hillary Clinton headquarters.

YouTube will feature the same coverage, as well as a livestream of election day watch parties straight from MTV’s Times Square headquarters. The former site of TRL will be transformed into an Oval Office replica, complete with live painting and puppies—MTV’s official pollster mascots. Use the hashtag #BasketofAdorables to keep up with the campaign cuteness across Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.

Across the earbuds: The Stakes, MTV’s critically-acclaimed podcast, will kick off the week with a new episode on Monday, Nov. 7, followed by a recap episode on Friday, Nov. 11.

BET: BET News bids farewell to first black president

I was too young to vote in the 2008 election, but I remember the historic moment of electing our first black president. My friends and I canvassed hard for Barack Obama in any way we could—donating money from our after-school jobs to his campaign fund and tweeting out support. A few months later, I was driving home from track practice when I heard his inaugural address come on the radio. I had to pull over; it was a monumental moment in history and I had tears in my eyes.

It’s astounding to think that for some young Americans, having a black president is all they know. BET News explored this in July with a special panel called First White President, hosted by comedian and writer Russ Green.

“I’m going to miss his power of positivity,” comments one boy. See the rest of this adorable panel discussion here:

The network followed up with a sentimental glimpse at how five youngsters are dealing with the POTUS’s departure—their reactions range from denial to “overwhelming sadness.” Take a look below:

Finally, BET News collected a series of Obama GIFS from the past eight years, which they promise will make you “laugh, then cry.” See for yourself.

BET appreciates Obama’s sense of humor…

And family values.

Comedy Central: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah goes behind the scenes with the Trumpettes

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah has covered this election closely, and this week was no exception. On Wednesday, Nov. 2, correspondent Desi Lydic went undercover to take viewers inside the mind of an “average” American voter, Bel Air resident Toni Holt Kramer, for one final attempt to understand Trump’s politics.

Kramer founded the Trumpettes, a grassroots organization for wealthy women who support Trump.

“Trump is, in his own way, a blue-collar candidate,” contemplated Kramer. Lydic notices later that Kramer is not.

“Holy sh*t, is that a gold panther?”

Watch the full clip below:

After the polls close, join Comedy Central in celebrating election night with tears of laughter. Starting at 11 p.m. the network will air live coverage courtesy of The Daily Show and @Midnight, and follow up with reruns of Drunk History.

This is the sixth in a series of Viacom election recaps. Next week we’ll cover Election Day, and what our brands are doing to further Viacom’s mission of voter engagement and social justice. Don’t forget to vote.

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