Helping Dreamers Dream Bigger at Viacom HQ

Viacommunity and the “I Have a Dream” Foundation joined forces recently at Viacom’s Times Square headquarters for a speed mentoring event, an invigorating and inspirational experience for a group of under-served students seeking career guidance.

Focusing on goals, Viacom employees from across the Sales, Production, Marketing and Graphic Design departments, among others, delivered career advice to college students affiliated with the “I Have a Dream” Foundation, who are otherwise known as Dreamers.

Both the students and Viacom employees came equipped with positive spirit and energy. During several timed sessions, students rotated among tables organized by Viacom’s departments. Two employees were stationed at each table facing one Dreamer, providing an intimate setting that provoked thoughtful questions about job-search processes and career tracks. Throughout the two-and-a-half-hour event, the room buzzed with motivational chatter, as conversations trickled on long after each timer expired. Viacom’s employees were eager to share personal anecdotes to show Dreamers that they too can pursue careers in the entertainment field and the students, in turn, left our offices energized and inspired.


By forging connections between these two groups, Viacom’s mentorship event furthered the “I Have a Dream” Foundation’s mission to help Dreamers achieve their full potential by giving them the opportunity to capitalize on their aspirations of fulfilling careers and productive global citizenship. The foundation provides long-term support to children and youth in under-resourced communities to promote the values of higher education and career success.

“On a personal level, it was truly inspiring to see our Dreamers, whom we have worked with since they were in elementary school, each use their individual skills and attributes to thrive in a professional setting,” said “I Have a Dream Foundation” Program Director Matt Wright.

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