Family Dinners Will Be a Bit Awkward After Watching MTV’s Spring Break With Granddad: Here’s Why

MTV’s iconic, unruly annual spring break coverage was a cultural phenomenon. I remember watching MTV Spring Break in 2004. I was 12 and spring break meant a family trip to Florida, but still. I was hooked on MTV’s coverage of Jessica Simpson, Jersey Shore stars, spray tans, cargo pants paired with bikini tops, and overall decadence on the shores of Cancun.

But just like culture has evolved  since the early 2000s, MTV’s raucous coverage of spring break has gotten progressively wilder…and weirder.

Want proof?

MTV U.K. just premiered a show called Spring Break With Granddad.

Yes, you read that right.

The show follows five twenty-somethings from the U.S. and U.K. drinking, dancing, and flirting on the exotic shores of Cancun. It’s got all of the elements of classic MTV spring break coverage, except this time, septuagenarians are tagging along for the fun.

A narrator opens the show with a warning: “This program contains strong language, sexual scenes, and references from the outset and throughout…and that’s just the grandparents.”

The show is hosted by Gaz Beadle from Geordie Shore (the wildly popular U.K. Jersey Shore spin-off), and his own granddad, Raymond Beadle.

“Everyone thinks their grandparents have never lived. But they were young once,” Gaz explains in an interview with MTV News U.K.

Beadle is joined by a cast of similarly gorgeous twenty-somethings, including an American beauty queen and a bodybuilder from Manchester.

But this is much more than a blissful beach banger. It’s an intense competition, and the millennial contestants will have to vie for the crown of spring break brilliance against their older, wiser counterparts.

Can these party animals learn from their elders?

U.K. viewers can find out when Spring Break With Granddad airs on MTV, Mondays at 10 p.m., GMT. The rest of us can catch clips online.


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