Rebel With a Cause: Watch BET’s Cop Drama Beginning Wednesday, March 28

BET’s latest scripted series is a gritty police drama—a first for the network.

Rebel stars Danielle Mone’ Truitt as Rebecca “Rebel” Knight, an African-American cop embroiled in a world of scandal and corruption within the Oakland Police Department.

The gripping series will delve into some of the most relevant social issues of our generation – including tension between law enforcement and the African-American community – as well as the unique relationship officers of color have with their jobs, according to Ebony.

Rebel’s personal and professional worlds tragically collide when her brother is shot by a fellow officer. Her convictions tested, she leaves the police force. However, her fight is not over. She begins a new career as a private investigator, with a mission to bring killer cops to justice.


Rebel and her brother, an aspiring rapper who dies after being shot by the police. Photo courtesy of BET.

John Singleton (Boyz n the Hood, 2 Fast 2 Furious) serves as executive producer, along with Randy Huggins. Huggins’ resume includes writing for classic law enforcement dramas such as The Shield and Criminal Minds.

“The premiere [is about] a universal theme that everyone can relate to—grief,” said Huggins in an interview with

Rebel boasts a notable cast of Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), Mykelti Williamson (Forrest Gump) and Wu-Tang rapper Method Man.

Not only does the show look promising when it comes to examining social justice, Rebel seems like an inimitable role model for young women.

According to BET’s website, “Rebel…has solved more homicides in the last three years than any detective on the force. Former military with a Purple Heart, she’s well-respected and even a little feared. Alert, astute, intelligent and tough, she has a cutting-edge style and exudes a calm intensity. However, underneath her calm beauty, there is something coiled, wired and intense.”

Crime shows often include powerful female characters like Rebel, but BET’s show offers a more nuanced look at this type of officer. We can expect the series to explore Rebel’s entire world, not just the part where she kicks ass.

“Bold, brash and unapologetic,” writes Aramide Tinubu for Jet, “She wields her weapons and badge like white men in power have done for centuries. Petite and powerful, Truitt’s presence immediately commands attention when she steps into a room.”

Another Viacom show, Nick Jr.’s Nella the Princess Knight, has a similar protagonist. Nella shatters princess stereotypes, dressed in frilly frocks while fighting dragons. (She’s also biracial.)

These shows may have different target audiences, but the message is consistent—women are multifaceted individuals who don’t have to relinquish their femininity to be a maverick.

Rebel airs Tuesday, March 28 at 10 p.m. on BET. Visit the show website for more information, and follow @RebelOnBET on Twitter for updates.

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