Viacom Velocity Scores Pair of Webby Nominations

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

Viacom Velocity, our in-house integrated marketing and creative solutions team, has locked in a pair of nominations for the Webby Awards. The spots – and three additional promos highlighted by Webby – showcase Velocity’s versatility, as they skip between movie tie-ins and product spotlights, spoofs and elaborate stunts, the desert and the arctic. Scroll down to check out some of their work, and click through by April 20 to vote.

Old Spice Sweat-Blastin’ Robot Tank – VOTE NOW

Category: Film & Video – Comedy (Branded)

Here we journey to the desert, where Barak Hardley is battling ferocious sweat monsters from his mobile Craft Services workshop. He fights back with an “awesome” plane-tank that zaps the dripping invaders with eviscerating laser beams:

Bad Santa 2 – Drunk History – VOTE NOW

Category: Social – Arts & Entertainment (Video)

In addition to these two contenders, Velocity created an additional three campaigns that finished in the top 17 percent of the 13,000 entries from all over the world, earning them Honoree status:

Jaguar @ Midnight

Category: Social – Promotions & Contests

Viralocity: Linsanity

Category: Film & Video – Comedy (Branded)

Jeremy Lin Manuel Miranda starring in Slamilton the musical? A onesie- and diaper-bedecked Lin masquerading as a baby and dominating the streetball courts of NYC in a “reverse Uncle Drew?” These are just a few of the ill-considered ideas that Viralocity ad creatives throw at Brooklyn Nets star Jeremy Lin before posting him up in front of Barclays Center for a disastrous interpretation of Candid Camera:

Rise of The Tomb Raiders Vignette

Category: Film & Video – Comedy (Branded)

A harsh winterscape of soaring jagged mountains hustling into an eternal wilderness. A pickaxe ascent of a vertical ice wall. A quest to a soaring lost palace menaced by whirling storms and avalanches. If that sounds like the environs you’d expect to find Broad City’s Abbi and Ilana, well, you haven’t watched the show much. But they make do pretty well in this Rise of The Tomb Raiders vignette:

The Webby Awards will celebrate the winners on Monday, May 15 in New York City.

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