What Is the Greatest Trump Tweet of All Time? Trevor Noah Explores the Art of the Tweet

NCAA’s March Madness basketball extravaganza wasn’t the only bracket tournament captivating Americans last month. Third Month Mania, orchestrated by Comedy Central’s The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, waded through the nearly 35,000 Donald Trump tweets to identify his greatest Twitter post of all time.

Trump Tweet

Courtesy of Comedy Central.

Third Month Mania was a truly “unpresidented” contest, yet its turnout was “yuge.” More than 6 million viewers delved into Trump’s Twitter archives to find the most outlandish tweet, and Noah announced the winner on Wednesday night’s episode.

Take a look at the winning tweet:

Correspondent Roy Wood Jr. quipped that this tweet is the greatest because, “It’s the only one we will get an answer to in the next four years.”

The tournament mirrored the bracket style of March Madness. Noah and his staff culled through 35,000 user-submitted tweets, placing them into divisions. The first round of voting focused on “Celeb” matchups. Most of these tweets were rife with misogyny and grammatical errors…

Celeb Matchup Daily Show 640px

Another “division” of the tournament was called “Government Affairs.”

Government Affairs Tweet 640px

Ultimately, the showdown relied on the popular vote. Viewers pushed their favorite tweets into what The Daily Show deemed “The Flagrant Four.”

Here’s one set of contenders:

Final4 640px

“Of all Donald Trump’s celebrity obsessions, none is as fierce or as passionate as his fixation on, of all people, Rosie O’Donnell,” wrote Austin Berhardt in a recap for Comedy Central. “So it’s no surprise we’ve seen this juggernaut decimate all the competition in its path and dominate the Celebs division. It’s vicious. It’s unfounded. It’s classic Trump.”

Here’s the other bracket, which contained the winning tweet:

Impeach 640px

Prior to announcing the winning tweet, Roy Wood Jr. and Hasan Minhaj analyzed some runner-up choices (aka “losers.”)

Take a look:

Third Month Mania might be over, but Trump’s twitter feed is most likely here to stay. So The Daily Show is honoring the POTUS and his prolific social media presence by opening up The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library in June. This museum will be free and open to the public—just like Trump’s tremendous Twitter account.

Details about the museum are forthcoming, but we know one thing for sure: this museum will be anything but #Sad.

And if you’re not yet satiated with political satire, The President Show is Comedy Central’s newest edition to the late-night set. The show, which debuts April 27, features Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik as our commander in chief. And Jordan Klepper, a longtime correspondent for The Daily Show, is getting a late-night show of his own, which is set to run after Noah’s.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs Monday through Thursday at 11 p.m. on Comedy Central. New episodes begin on April 17. Follow @TheDailyShow on Twitter.

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