I Love MTV Malta (IOMTV) 2017

(L-R) Sharlotte Ritchie, Sophie Kasaei, Catherine Hunter, Kristen Hanby, Milly Gattegno, Josh Ritchie

Written by Catherine Hunter, MTV UK PR & Talent Coordinator

It’s crazy to think that just a few weeks ago, I was on a yacht off the Malta coast, filming for the comeback of MTV’s 1990s smash hit dance music show The Grind. Rewind to eight hours earlier, pulling up to the Radisson Blu at 3 a.m. with Geordie Shore’s Sophie Kasaei and Ex on the Beach’s Josh Ritchie, spirits were definitely high (apart from the thought of being awake in less than four hours). But who cares when you’re in Malta, eh?

Sitting at my desk in London, thinking back to the Isle of MTV (IOMTV) festivities, I can say this was the best MTV event I have worked on in my more than two years at the network.

Ahead of the jam-packed three days, I was determined to make the most of the experience and help get the most out of our press and influencers while on the island. Upon arriving in Malta, my role for the next couple of days would be talent management and press liaison for the UK. This ranged from managing the MTV talent and ensuring that they partook in all of their prior arranged commitments, to facilitating interviews with show talent at the press conference.

I have worked on countless MTV events, big and small, and it always amazes me how much hard work goes into them. From running around backstage at the EMAs trying to locate an earbud for Justin Bieber to talent managing MTV talent at IOMTV, the work is varyied often very hard, but also incredibly fun. The saying “Do what you love, and you’ll never have to work another day in your life,” resonates with me whenever I work an MTV event, and this year’s IOMTV was no different.

Sunday was pretty incredible, watching the production and recreation of The Grind  come together and being a part of the party with Senior PR Manager Milly Gattegno, MTV talent – the aforementioned Sophie and Josh – and our influencer, Kristen Hanby, from UniLad. Seeing the social response and being a part of MTV’s revival of a classic music show was amazing.

Cafe Del Mar during production of MTV’s The Grind

Monday we spent the day entertaining these guests, visiting top Maltese hot spots, including the Blue Lagoon , the famous azure blue bay on the west side of Comino island.

The Blue Lagoon, (R-L) Sophie, Josh, Catherine and Milly

The beautiful surroundings provided an ideal canvas for fun social content:

The day quickly ran away from us, and we soon joined all of the other MTV International press teams and their media for drinks at MedAsia. Drinks were flowing fast whilst the Maltese sun set on the horizon, inspiring a cascade of iPhones to capture the striking backdrop.

View of Maltese sunset from MedAsia

As clocks struck 1 a.m., it was time for bed, so we could be ready for our early call time and the official Isle of MTV Malta press conference.

Tuesday came around very fast. We sat at breakfast feeding off the buzz from the other teams, talent, press and influencers, knowing that today is the day we had all come here for. With only 30 minutes remaining until the press conference kicked off and the temperature topping 100 degrees (38 degrees Celsius), I ran to my room for a quick outfit change.

Jonas Blue interview with Becca Dudley at the IOMTV Press Conference.

The press conference, positioned over the stunning Maltese coast, ran smoothly, as I had expected with our amazing team running the show. Almost 100 local and international media outlets and photographers turned up to cover the junket. Everyone was excited, knowing it was only several hours until the big party. After the press conference, it was time for a quick walk-through of the venue at historically stunning Il-Fosos Square in Floriana.

FLORIANA, MALTA – JUNE 27: A general view at the annual Isle of MTV Malta event at Il Fosos Square on June 27, 2017 in Floriana, Malta. (Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images for MTV)

Fast forward to 7 p.m. The stage is set, the crowds are buzzing, and the VIP platform is bustling. I am positioned on the VIP platform with Sophie, Josh, Kristen and Milly, completely in awe of the amazing view of the square below and the excitement churning within it. It was a moment I’ll never forget.

Fans were waiting for the first act, Raye, to hit the stage and perform her track Shhh. The party is officially in full force. Jonas Blu, followed by DNCE, pushed the square to an almighty high, with some of the best performances I have ever seen. The Chainsmokers closed the show with their smash hit Closer, a perfect ending to a perfect day.

IOMTV 2017 -The Chainsmokers live set

And there it was, all over in a flash—or so I thought. Now on to the after party (where things got a bit blurry)…

Thank you Isle of MTV Malta for showing me the best time and opportunity to be part of a huge collaborative event.

IOMTV VIP Platform (L-R) Josh Ritchie, Milly Gattetgno, Catherine Hunter, Kristen Hanby, Sophie Kasaei

Check out event highlights on Isle of Malta’s website.

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