Viacom Makes Working Mothers’ Best Companies List for Seventh Year – 12 Moms Help Explain Why

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

For the seventh consecutive year, Working Mother has named Viacom to its list of 100 Best Companies. The reasons why Viacom is a great place to be a mom are plentiful, including:

  • 10 paid weeks of maternity leave
  • $15,000 in assistance for anyone adopting or fostering a child, or using a surrogate
  • A fertility concierge service that connects employees to patient advocates, nurses, genetic counselors, and surrogacy and donor specialists
  • 25 days of subsidized care-giving for children (or adults) per year
  • Access to lactation experts
  • The ability to ship breast milk home from business trips

But the best people to explain why Viacom so consistently makes Working Mother’s list is the moms themselves. We asked a dozen of them why this company was such a great destination for women who don’t want to have to choose between family and career:

Helen Adair, Learning & Development – 

“Viacom allows me the flexibility to have a rewarding career while balancing my family commitments with two children. I also appreciate The Parenthood – our employee resource group for working parents that offers educational sessions and resources for parents, fun events and chances to connect with fellow working parents. And my kids absolutely love coming to the Paramount Lot for movie screenings and the Annual Tree Lighting celebration. I love that they are so excited to visit my workplace.”

Adair and family at last year’s Christmas tree lighting on the Paramount Lot.

Lydia Daly, Social Media/Marketing, Viacom Velocity –

“I knew that Viacom was a great company for working moms on the day I returned to work after having my first baby (our second is due any day!). It’s a very emotional and sad day in many senses and yet I found I was surrounded by women who had been through this before and were able to provide support and reassurance. Family definitely comes first here and you can feel it.”

Daly and her family.

Joelle Fleming, Pricing and Inventory, BET –

“I received a call at work from my husband that we were selected as the pre-adoptive parents for two small children – and we had to pick them up that day.  I left the office, no questions asked, with the full support of my team and Viacom. The children have since been legally adopted, and we could not be more thrilled!”

Fleming with her family: John, Amber, Matty, Nikki, and Abby.

Amy Hyland, Ad Sales –

“The best part about being a working mom at Viacom is how many other working moms there are to seek advice from or to help navigate our crazy lives. We’re a tribe and we’ve got each other’s backs.”

Hyland with her family.

Kate Laverge, Communications, Viacom International Media Networks –

“A few years ago I tried to resign from Viacom in order to dedicate time to IVF treatment. My bosses refused my resignation and allowed me to take a leave of absence instead. They literally enabled me to continue to do a job that I loved (for a salary that I needed) and prioritize my family at the same time. As a result, I have a career that I love – and a second child that I worship.

“Many of the most senior and influential roles at Viacom are filled by executives who are also moms. And we have a CEO who respects the women on the team – and women period. This means that I have bosses that are human and supportive and who don’t blink when the inevitable call comes that the (nanny, child, dog, fish) is (sick, upset, bleeding) and I have to leave early.”

Laverge and family (Allie, Charlie and Beck) at Todd’s Point in Old Greenwich, Connecticut.

Karla Paz Mobrey, Talent Acquisition –

“What I love about working at Viacom as a mom is that I get the flexibility to give 100 percent to both my professional and personal life without feeling like I’m shortchanging one or the other.”

Paz Mobrey and family at the Panama Canal for spring break 2017.

Kimberly Rach, Production Management, Spike –

“What inspires me at Viacom is there are so many of us! It is the most amazing village of strong, successful, smart women who are also moms. We can meaningfully connect with each other, resource, and continue to represent an important part of Viacom’s business in many arenas.”

Rach with her family.

Victoria Rabias, Global Business Services –

“My daughter got very sick at three months old and was hospitalized, and the company was there for my family and very sympathetic. They let me take care of whatever I needed and I didn’t have the added stress of what I had to do about work. It was very comforting to know that all I had to do was take care of my child.”

Rabias and her family.

Madhavi Sawant, Media & Technology Services –

“When my 14 month old baby met with an accident and was in hospital for 10 days, my manager was very supportive. He assured me to take care of my baby and not to worry about work until the baby was stable. That helped me to concentrate on the baby’s health.”

Sawant and her family.

Claudia Spinelli, Nickelodeon Animation –

“As a working mom at Viacom I am part of a community. We support each other as we strive to meet our high standards with the content we produce, and the work that goes into caring for our families. And speaking of that content, as a Nickelodeon mom my kids get an upfront seat to the making of our hit cartoons. Sometimes that means I read them a script for a new SpongeBob episode, which they think is very cool – even though I can’t get the voices right!”

Spinelli and her family.

Melody Tan, Programming & Strategy, MTV/VH1 –

“I love Kids Day (which the company hosts on the day before Thanksgiving each year), because it allows me to be the coolest mom to my girls and their friends. Viacom is a great place to be a mom because of there are a lot of highly-accomplished moms here who balance work and home with the right perspective and a good dose of humor.”

Nickeisha Williams, Partner Solutions, Ad Sales –

“What I love about working at Viacom as a mom is the emphasis placed on the importance of family by the company and its management which is displayed in the company’s flexibility and understanding about the demands of parenting.”

Williams with her family.

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