Kid Power, Staying Grounded, India’s Pragmatic Youth: Viacom Global Insights Digest, November Edition

by Christian Kurz, Global Consumer Insights, Viacom

Viacom’s latest consumer insights from around the world include global kids’ influence on household decisions, how people remain grounded in stressful times, and the pragmatism of Indian youth.  As always, you can read these and all our stories in English, Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Around the World, Kids Exert a Powerful Influence on Household Decisions

A recent project looks at how global kids are involved in household purchases.


INFOGRAPHIC: Staying Grounded in an Uncertain World

People are becoming more worried about the future and less trusting, but also more determined to seek out the positive.


Indian Youth Choose Rooted Pragmatism Over Blind Optimism

Today’s generation of teens and young adults in India is happy and realistic without being too hopeful.


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