VH1’s Scared Famous Pits Ghouls and Ghosts Against Terrifying Reality Stars

On VH1’s Scared Famous, 10 TV personalities from VH1 hit shows including RuPaul’s Drag Race, Mob Wives, Love & Hip Hop, America’s Next Top Model, Black Ink Crew and Brunch with Tiffany will go head-to-head in a series of nightmarish challenges that honor classic horror flicks like Scream and It.

Reality TV can get scary, but can these stars handle ghastly challenges involving snakes, spiders and dirty toilets?

The eerie competition features homicidal clowns, ghosts, zombies and an alien from the planet Glamtron: aka RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Alaska 5000, who, in a clip from the trailer, throws some shade at an unnamed cast member: “She might be a drama queen, but she’s no match for a drag queen.”

The stars will live in a ghoulish, abandoned estate in Savannah, Georgia (one of America’s so-called most-haunted cities), forming alliances and swiftly breaking them. The celeb who “survives” will win a  $10,000 donation to their favorite charity, as well as some serious props for being the bravest star in Hollywood.

Rapper Redman will serve as host, or “master of scare-a-monies.”

Take a look at VH1’s compilation of each contestant’s scariest TV moment to find out which star has the best chance of winning Scared Famous. Will it be Drita D’Avanzo of Mob Wives, who loves wiggin’ out on Halloween?

It’s hard to decide what’s more terrifying—being trapped in a house with Pennywise, or Tiffany “New York” Pollard.

Don’t mess with VH1 star Tiffany Pollard. (Courtesy of GIPHY)

Meet the full cast, and tune in for Scared Famous on October 23, if you dare.

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