The Best of 2017: Looking Back on a Year of Leadership, Innovation, Social Responsibility and Arresting Architecture

Viacom is off to a sensational start for 2018: we soared across our brands (especially CMT and Comedy Central).

But as we move into the new year, it’s worth looking back at the most popular blog posts of 2017, each of which highlighted a different part of Viacom’s business. Many touch upon themes that Viacom CEO Bob Bakish, includes in his vision for success: leading the industry in diverse, innovative storytelling; focusing on our “Flagship Six” core brands; creating a socially responsible company culture housed in a visually progressive workspace.

Check out the top 10 blog posts below, which highlight some of Viacom’s best content, the talent that brought it to life, and the remarkable spaces they created it in.

10. When fans fawned over South Park’s 20th anniversary (and Kenny’s body-count)

This post written in 2016 still got enough love from fans to earn a place on 2017’s top 10 list—appropriately so, as it paid homage to South Park’s 20th season, a substantial milestone. The iconic cartoon – featuring cultural assassins Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny – has attracted hordes of fans in more than two decades with antisocial stunts, politically incorrect puns and, as Vanity Fair gracefully puts it, “gleefully rendered scatological humor.”

South Park is timeless, a fact best illustrated by a long-running gag—Kenny’s immortality. The orange snowsuit-clad character was, as of September 2016, killed off and resurrected 102 times over two decades. Fans have been morbidly fascinated over his exact death toll for years, with Reddit threads devoted to the subject, along with “best of” compilations on TV blogs like Uproxx. This post gave readers definitive numbers:

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9. When we made Glassdoor’s list of spectacular offices

Do you want to work for Viacom? Glassdoor, the job and recruiting website that offers prospective employees inside info about salaries, benefits and work-life balance, certainly vouches for our office space, calling the Times Square Headquarters “truly fit for the stars.” And as Viacom prides itself on being a company where employees are our biggest stars, it makes sense to adorn the hallways with custom murals and starburst mirrors. Revisit the art-deco atmosphere below.

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8. When Nick Jr. cast aside gender norms and stirred up princess politics

Nick Jr.’s programming is oriented toward the preschool population, but that doesn’t mean it can’t generate buzz—especially when the network delivers one of the most innovative, diverse shows of 2017. Nella the Princess Knight features a badass, biracial heroine. Critics praised the network for portraying a young princess who looks just like the average American kid. Once again, Viacom earned accolades for its authentic storytelling—something the company practices across brands.

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7. When nine Viacom employees became Cynopsis Rising Stars

The list of Cynopsis 2017 Rising Stars—an annual showcase of “the best and brightest media industry professionals under 30” – included nine Viacom employees. Each standout had his or her own unique story to tell—one employee thought her submission email was spam, and nearly deleted it, while another was thrilled to witness the return of TRL. The common thread: each rising star is passionate about Viacom, their colleagues and the company culture.

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6. When Snoop Dogg and Flo Rida threw a housewarming party at Viacom’s new Hollywood office

Snoop Dogg and Viacom President and CEO Bob Bakish pose for a selfie during the Viacom Hollywood office Grand Opening. (Photo by Maury Phillips/Getty Images for Viacom)

The ribbon-cutting of Viacom’s Hollywood studio in January. The fact that Snoop Dogg and Flo Rida helped raise the (six-story, LEED Gold Core and Shell certified) roof may have had something to do with the post’s popularity.

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5. When we highlighted four rising social stars

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Like the Cynposis rising stars, the four Viacom standouts profiled in this article were recognized by industry news hub Cablefax, on its 100 Overachievers Under 30 list.

4. When a Paramount intern became an Oscar nominee

In the manifestation of every movie buff’s dream, Jean de Meuron moved from his home country of Switzerland in 2008 to fulfill his lifelong passion of working in the American film industry. His journey led him to the Paramount Lot as a Viacom intern (after previously interning for Viacom International Media Networks), where he produced and promoted his first short film: La Femme et le TGV. Two years later, Meuron’s film was nominated for an Oscar. Here’s what he had to say about the full-circle experience:

“As a boy from Switzerland, I remember watching the iconic mountain and stars fading into Paramount movies. I had the most wonderful experience at Paramount. I was like a sponge. From the moment I arrived, I was surrounded by amazing people like Jim White, Lisa Buch, Jordan Park Peed and Scott McPhail, and the entire international publicity and marketing teams. I wouldn’t be where I’m at with them without their guidance, help and support.”

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3. When we bade farewell to Teen Wolf

When an MTV mainstay leaves the air, it’s a bittersweet moment. Luckily for fans (who devoured this article like teen wolves themselves) this post captured the six most biting scenes from Teen Wolf’s six-year run.

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2. When we shared our fourth quarter growth

In November 2017, we shared our fourth quarter and full-year earnings report. Capping off Bakish’s first full year as CEO, this comprehensive look at the new and ever-improving Viacom included a bold, captivating highlights slideshow (courtesy of Viacom’s in-house design agency, Catalyst) and an overview of what the numbers actually meant.

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1. When we celebrated CMT’s ratings success

The year’s most-clicked post documented CMT’s end-of-year milestone: 53 weeks of consecutive growth. The numbers speak for themselves, but re-visit the post to learn more about why the network killed it in 2017—and click here to see how CMT continues to shine in 2018.

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