Nick International Highlights What #KidsCan Do With Nine Extraordinary Stories

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

A 16-year-old girl in the United Arab Emirates organizes environmental clean-ups in more than 10 countries. A 13-year-old in the Philippines gives gifts and hygiene products to 10,000 street kids in his community. A 16-year-old who fled Syria starts a school for 200 children in his refugee camp.

These are three of the extraordinary youngsters that Nickelodeon International has partnered with KidsRights Foundation to spotlight through #KidsCan, an international campaign that will profile these inspiring stories for audiences around the world.

The campaign, part of Nick’s international Together for Good initiative, will air new monthly profiles, beginning this month and continuing through December, of these nine kids, each of which has been a finalist or a winner of KidsRight’s International Children’s Peace Prize.

“Nickelodeon is extremely proud to partner with KidsRights as we celebrate young people making the world a better place, one project at a time,” said Nickelodeon International Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility Bradley Archer-Haynes. “Kids everywhere have the power to make a difference, regardless of age or location. We wanted to provide a platform to help amplify their stories, while pointing to resources that help young people remember they can do anything.”

Here’s a closer look at some of these incredible stories:

Kehkashan Basu – United Arab Emirates: 2016 Peace Prize winner focused on environmental sustainability.

Kesz Valdezn – Philippines: 2012 Peace Prize winner focused on child healthcare.

Chaeli Mycroft – South Africa: 2011 Peace Prize winner focused on children with disabilities.

Mohamed Al Jounde – Syria: 2017 Peace Prize winner focused on children refugees and education.

Nickelodeon will also profile these four children, as well as another who has yet to be announced:

Michael Steven Uribe – Colombia: 2017 Peace Prize nominee focused on peace initiatives using performing arts.

Om Prakash – India: 2006 Peace Prize winner focused on child labor issues.

Fahima Elmi – The Netherlands: 2017 Peace Prize Nominee focused on child homelessness.

Tymon Radzik – Poland: 2017 Peace Prize finalist focused on child government participation.

#KidsCan profiles will also live on the Together For Good campaign hub and KidsRights’ virtual platform.

Nickelodeon’s initiative comes during one of the most important months on Viacom’s social responsibility calendar: the company’s annual Viacommunity Day, when thousands of employees across the globe unite to give back to their local communities.

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