Global & Netherlands LGBT Research, Young Americans’ Political Empowerment, Kids in Their Own Words and More: Viacom Global Insights, July Edition

by Christian Kurz, Global Consumer Insights, Viacom

June was Pride Month – and to celebrate, we have stories on LGBT acceptance around the world as well as in the Netherlands. Other new insights include young Americans’ rising political empowerment, global kids in their own words, how age impacts social media behavior, and taking TV away from consumers to reveal its role in their lives. As always, on our blog you can find these and all our stories in English, Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

A year after our first global study of attitudes toward LGBT people, progress continues – and discrimination persists.
In the Netherlands, LGBT Acceptance Is Strong But May Not Be Improving
Dutch people have positive attitudes about the LGBT community, but there are signs that their support could be weakening.
As Young Americans’ Sense of Political Empowerment Skyrockets, They Give the Government a Failing Grade
The second wave of an ongoing tracker of youth political sentiments in the US reveals a rising belief that young people can influence the government.
Kids of the World: The Video
See the findings from our latest study on kids – and hear what the kids themselves told us!
Age Has a Big Influence on Social Media Behavior
New research illustrates how people in different age groups are using social media now.
Video: To Find Out What TV Means to Consumers, We Took It Away
This video shows how people reacted during a week without television. (Hint: it wasn’t easy!)


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