Going Places: Viacom Intern to Full Time Success Stories Features Howard Tseng

Howard is a Campaign Activation & Branded Content Coordinator at WHOSAY, Viacom’s recently-acquired talent & influencer marketing company. Prior to obtaining this role, he was a Coordinator in Viacom’s Distribution & Business Development team and has also interned in MTV Integrated Marketing (Velocity) for two semesters: fall of 2015 and spring of 2016.

Howard Tseng, Coordinator, WHOSAY, started off as a Viacom intern in 2015. Now, he’s a full time employee.

Campus to Career: Hey Howard! Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you landed here at Viacom?

Howard Tseng: I attended CUNY Baruch and studied advertising and marketing. While I had several internships throughout school in the music industry, I wanted to get a better understanding of the media and entertainment business as a whole. Viacom felt like the perfect company for me, since many of our brands involve both music and television. I was super excited to get my first internship at Viacom, and realized it was a great fit for me early on.

Viacom is a great place to explore your interests across the entertainment landscape. Do you have any advice for interns who are less sure exactly what they want out of their internships or careers?

Ask questions! Asking thoughtful questions about what your department does and the impact it has on Viacom’s overall strategic goals works two-fold: it gives you deeper knowledge of your own department, and helps you understand more about what other teams do within the company. Networking and informational meetings with other employees never hurts, too.

It sounds like you had a great relationship with your team as an intern. How did your supervisors support your learning and growth?

My supervisors at Velocity were so attentive, and always looking to see what sort of projects I was interested in working on. They took me to meetings whenever possible, and helped me identify my strengths and improve my skills across the board.
That’s great – we’d love to give them a shout-out! Who were your supervisors?

I worked with Felix Colon and Tim Chavez [Velocity Integrated Marketing] the first semester and Melinda Haggerty and Alexis Yumol [MTV Integrated Marketing] the second semester. Everyone was amazing to work with!

If you could give some final tips to interns this summer, what would you say?

Meet people and build relationships! A Viacom internship is a special experience. You are working at a world class entertainment company and have so many resources at your fingertips. Be as proactive as possible and use this time wisely. There are many mentors and role models at Viacom who can help you identify your passions and prepare you for success.

Thanks, Howard! Final question: What is your favorite Viacom brand or show?

I’m a huge fan of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah – but I am also excited that The Jersey Shore is back! I’m excited to be part of MTV, as it is such an iconic brand.

This story is part of our series on intern success stories featuring interns who have gone on to full time opportunities at Viacom and Paramount. Stay tuned for more every Tuesday this summer, and follow us on @ViacomInterns to watch the interviews!

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