Viacom’s Corporate Amusement Park Offers a Thrilling Ride for Interns

Interning at Viacom feels like visiting an amusement park, only better… and with pay.

At an amusement park, there’s something for everybody: steep, butterfly-inducing rollercoasters; games with prizes; fireworks illuminating the night sky – hundreds of smiling faces enjoying every second, constantly exploring and soaking in the moments. When you finally head home, you reflect on your adventures and how rewarding they have been. Later that night, struggling to fall asleep, all you can think about is going back.

Working within the walls of the skyscraping Viacom headquarters at 1515 Broadway in New York City left me with these same sensations. I spent 10 weeks of my summer in Viacom’s Campus to Career program, interning more than 500 miles away from my home in North Carolina, and my only wish is that I could stay longer. From the first day on the job, top talent, thought leaders and Viacom employees continually fueled my inspiration to succeed.

The view from the cafeteria deck, overlooking Times Square from the seventh floor of 1515 Broadway. Photo courtesy of Ariana Wiggins.

The first thing that stood out: the building’s amazing interior design. Each floor has its own personality, city views and unique decorations. My cubicle was down the hall from a set of lockers seen on Victorious and the Bottle Bot featured on iCarly, two of my favorite Nickelodeon shows growing up.

Sitting at that cubicle, I had the time of my life. As an Office of Global Inclusion intern, I helped coordinate Employee Resource Group events, exposing me to the experiences of different communities represented throughout the diverse Viacom family.

Viacom is swarming with heartening people who want interns to get the most out of their experiences. My supervisors, Samantha Kestenbaum and Stephanie Phelps, were the best I could have asked for. They helped me grow through my role by giving me opportunities to learn new skills, to innovate, and to understand the intricacies of a massive corporation. Most important, they supported and believed in me each step of the way.

At events throughout the summer, Viacom employees spoke with us about their career paths and advised us on career strategy. Many employees were open to setting aside time for informational meetings and coffee chats with interns where we could speak to them one-on-one and curate potentially valuable relationships. It was interesting to see how their unique paths led each of them to Viacom.

As my internship progressed, it became clear to me that my possibilities at Viacom were endless. I was invigorated and wanted to do a little bit of everything. Before I knew it, I found myself touring the set of TRL, doing photography for events and shaking hands with top executives. The experience has left me equipped with confidence as I enter my senior year of college and continue my career.

Posing with the MTV Movie & TV Awards giant golden popcorn bucket. Photo courtesy of Ariana Wiggins.

Although my trip to this corporate amusement park has come to a close, I’m certain that its impact on me will be long-lasting. On top of all the free gear and exclusive events, Viacom gave me life lessons, a new perspective of the media world, and people I will never forget – its own version of rollercoasters, games and fireworks. For that, I’d choose Viacom over your average amusement park any day.

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