Thanks to her incredible work ethic and attention to detail while paying for MTV, VH1 and CMT licenses, Madison Hardy is able to balance MML’s intense, fast paced office with a lighthearted approach that is infectious.


In addition to improving the workflow and processing of payments, Madison has been called the “heroine of the Music and Media Licensing department,” credited with the smooth functioning of her department and heralded for her all-around positive disposition and kindness. Among her myriad accomplishments, Madison’s leadership and competence has increased efficiency in the time it takes to pay MML vendors. And by keeping vendors paid and happy, Viacom continues to receive permission to use the freshest, most current music in its programming.

After hearing from Madison’s colleagues and manager about how instrumental she is to her department, we caught up with Madison herself to hear more about her job and her life outside of the demands of Music and Media Licensing.

Tell us a little about yourself.
Hey y’all! I’m Madison – a born-and-raised Mississippian, Belmont University graduate, entertainment & music industry enthusiast, intense foodie, and hot yogi. I am recently engaged, and I spend most of my free time doing music, whether it be working as a demo singer on various sessions and recording projects around Nashville or touring regionally with a wedding band. I recently competed and was a top 15 finalist in the Miss Tennessee Pageant (a preliminary to the nationally-televised Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City, NJ) and I enjoy working out, shopping, hiking, deer hunting, and traveling.

What’s a typical day like for you?
My main job is to oversee the payment process from beginning to end for in-house music & media licenses. I also create and analyze various reports on a regular basis and am constantly working on new projects and initiatives with the Content Management & Operations team within MML.

What’s the best part of your job?
Each day is a great mix of consistency and variety. I have my regular tasks that I take care of every day, but I’m always working on new projects. I also am in a unique position in that I get to correspond with many of our licensors on a daily basis. It’s a great opportunity to reach out of the Viacom community and be an ambassador for our company within the entertainment industry at large.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Someone once told me that you should always work harder than your pay grade. I really believe in that and the intrinsic rewards that will come with that type of attitude.

What was your first job ever?
When I was in high school, I worked for a little gift shop in my hometown called “The Potting Shed.” It started as a seasonal thing during the Christmas holidays, and turned into a regular after-school gig. I did everything from assisting customers, creating gift registries for brides, wrapping gifts, creating window displays, taking inventory, sweeping the floors, and even killing mice (Ew!). It was in an old house, so that was bound to happen right?

What does your online life consist of?
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and my blog “Healthy Lyfe.” I’ve been on Facebook since 2005, (I was a Sophomore in High School – no judgement) so I have about 4,500 “Facebook Friends” that I’m able to bounce ideas off of and learn from. I mostly use Twitter when I’m watching a show (live-tweeting!) or am extremely bored (i.e. in line at the DMV). Also, I’m planning a wedding right now, so Pinterest has been a huge life-saver. I haven’t even had to hire a planner! Finally, my fiancée and I started a blog called “Healthy Lyfe” that is currently a work-in-progress. We both strive to live a healthy lifestyle, so we share interesting things related to the “healthy lyfe” on the blog.

How do you disconnect/unplug from your day?
I try to work out each night after work before I go home. I’ll either drop in on a group fitness or hot yoga class, or take a walk with a friend.

Where can we find you on the weekends?
Most weekends out of the year, I am on the road performing with “The Respectables.” We are a wedding & corporate events band that books about 35 dates per year. It’s a great gig because all of the guys in the band are full-time professionals in the music industry. Our gigs are a way for us all to get out there and have fun while making some additional money at the same time.

What’s on your holiday wish-list this year?
Nothing in particular – I’m just happy I get to celebrate with both my family and my fiancée’s family this year.

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