Consumer Insights: 10 Ways To Make The Millennial Connection

by Chanon Cook, Comedy Central

makingmillennial connectionComedy Central spends a great deal of time thinking about, engaging with, measuring, and talking to its audience about its brand and competitors. In “Making the Millennial Brand Connection,” Comedy Central set out to broaden that conversation and gain a strong understanding of the brands that Millennials connect with and, most importantly, how those brands connect with them. Based on the analysis of a selection of brands that Millennials love, Comedy Central identified 10 “connection points” or commonalities among these brands. These points were consistent regardless of the product or service offered by the brand.

Key Findings

Millennials love brands that come off as: Read More

Consumer Insights: Comedy Natives

by Chanon Cook, Comedy Central

In order to better understand Millennials’ unique relationship with comedy, Comedy Central conducted a study that explored the Millennial humor experience through the eyes of young males. Based on the findings, the network coined this group “Comedy Natives” – so-dubbed not only because humor is their #1 passion point, but because they have the tools to participate in their entertainment experience unlike ever before. For this generation, humor plays a critical role across many facets of their lives – from self-identity to friendships to social change. Read More