Viacom’s Consumer Insights From Around the Globe: August 2016

by Christian Kurz, Global Consumer Insights, Viacom

Welcome to the August issue of the Viacom International Insights Digest, bringing you Viacom’s latest consumer insights from around the world.

This month’s issue includes a look at global parents’ rising LGBT acceptance, an analysis of how global teens listen to music, and two infographics: one identifying the role of humor in the daily lives of global adults and another detailing the sources global kids use to watch TV and video content.

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Viacom International Insights: Brexit Special Edition, July 2016

by Christian Kurz, Global Consumer Insights, Viacom

Late last month, Britain surprised the world by voting to leave the European Union. Following that vote, Viacom International re-contacted seven young adults from the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands and Sweden who had participated in a 2014 study of global youth’s vision of the future in 2020.

At the time, our young Europeans spoke optimistically about the many opportunities available to them throughout Europe, including travel, career, and general cultural exploration. Through our conversations over the past few weeks, we captured their reactions to this historic decision and found out how their views about the future have shifted. Our international insights team synthesized this research into three blog posts, featured below.

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TV Needs To Be ‘S.M.A.R.T.’

by Christian Kurz, Global Consumer Insights, Viacom

It’s no secret that the way consumers watch TV content is evolving and changing.  Viacom’s new research project, TV S.M.A.R.T., provides a deep understanding of how and why TV viewing is changing around the world, as well as insight into how technological advancements are impacting consumption and engagement. During the study, we connected with more than 27,000 viewers across 32 countries. We were granted unprecedented access into their lives and TV viewing habits to arrive at a deep, immersive understanding of what drives their TV watching preferences. The findings reveal that TV is still the king of media, but it needs to be SMART — social, mobile, accessible, relevant and tailored. Read More

Consumer Insights: Viacom International Media Networks’ ‘Kids of Today and Tomorrow’

by Christian Kurz, Global Consumer Insights, Viacom

A truly global exploration, Viacom International Media Networks’ “Kids of Today and Tomorrow” study is the network’s broadest and most detailed analysis to date of kids around the world. With research based on 6,200 kids ages 9-14 across 32 countries, this study focused in on “last wavers,” or the youngest Millennials, born between 2003 and 2008. The findings point to several key traits that shape these kids’ world views and make them distinct from older members of this generational cohort. Read More

In the Philippines, Millennials Demonstrate Resilient Spirit

by Christian Kurz, Global Consumer Insights, Viacom
The International Filipino Association at NYU hosted a musical showcase in which 100% of proceeds were donated to NAFCON USA's Bayanihan Relief & Rehabilitation Program. (Photo: Justin Manolo)

The Millennial members of the International Filipino Association at NYU hosted a musical showcase in which 100% of proceeds were donated to NAFCON USA’s Bayanihan Relief & Rehabilitation Program. (Photo: Justin Manalo)

Our research has found that Filipinos are among the happiest people in the world. Right up there with Latin Americans and Nigerians, 83% of Filipinos aged 9-30 consider themselves to be “very happy” – making the Philippines the fifth happiest country in the world, according to Viacom’s recent 32-country survey.

Then last month, Super Typhoon Haiyan (or Yolanda, as it’s known in the Philippines) hit the country. As Yan Yuzon, one of our MTV Voices correspondents, writes, “the geographic middle of [his] nation [was] literally punched in the gut by […] possibly the worst storm in recorded history.” You can read his captivating story on MTV Voices. Read More

Consumer Insights: ‘The Next Normal: An Unprecedented Look at Millennials Worldwide’

by Christian Kurz, Global Consumer Insights, Viacom

This large-scale global study takes an unprecedented look at Millennials worldwide, and more telling than the disparities was the consistency of the results. The landmark study – the broadest single study of the Millennial generation to date – spanned 24 countries, included 15,000 interviews and revealed four major global trends among young people today, from their high levels of happiness to their emphasis on family and community. Read More

MTV ‘New Millennials’ Research Mirrors International Study

by Christian Kurz, Global Consumer Insights, Viacom

VIMN Pic 1

Last week, our colleagues at MTV US unveiled the results of their “The New Millennials Will Keep Calm and Carry On” study (see the press release here). The results of this study mirror the international results of our “The Next Normal,” for which we went to 24 countries to define the attitudes, behaviors, and aspirations that make global Millennials unique. We separated them into three groups: Early or Older Millennials (25-30s), Core (15-24s), and Late or Younger Millennials (9-14s). From this analysis we can draw comparisons between the younger and older end of Millennials across the globe – all numbers below refer to the global 24-country averages. Read More

Religion, Faith and Spirituality for Millennials

by Christian Kurz, Global Consumer Insights, Viacom

TNN Pride and ToleranceIn exploring Millennial attitudes toward religion, faith and spirituality across the globe, we found that overall, this generation believes that everybody should have the right to choose their own religion. But their openness and tolerance are also marked by distrust in organised religion, as well as distinctions between faith and spirituality in some countries. Read More

Consumer Insights: ‘Comedy Across Borders’

by Christian Kurz, Global Consumer Insights, Viacom

Comedy Across Borders InfographicFrom the increase in comedy programming to the explosion of live comedy shows and tours, there’s an appetite for comedy like never before. Comedy is a globally relevant genre, so Viacom International Media Networks examined humor in its study “Comedy Across Borders,” spanning 13 markets including the UK, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. Read More

The Next Normal: Southern Europe and the Economy

by Christian Kurz, Global Consumer Insights, Viacom

tnn southern economy

Of all the events that have shaped the lives of the Millennial generation, the global economic crash of 2008 stands out as the moment that has had the greatest personal impact on this generation.  The fallout of global recession has shaped the attitudes and expectations of young people in almost every corner of the world.

Southern Europe has been particularly badly hit, and with general elections in Italy scheduled for 24-25 February, we wanted to take a closer look at Millennials opinions around the subject of economy across three hard hit countries in Europe: Greece, Spain, Italy. Read More