Colleen Fahey Rush on the Future of Media

by Colleen Fahey Rush, Strategic Insights and Research, Viacom Media Networks

A common belief is that technology will shape the future of media. I’d argue that the consumer, and how consumers harness that technology, is what really drives the future of media.  Take, for example, geo-location services created in the early ’00s. It was years before consumers adopted the technology – because they weren’t ready. Now look at Foursquare and its 10 million-strong community of users. The takeaway? It’s all about how a technology satisfies consumer desires that make it hit. Read More

Incoming… Viacom Media Networks Consumer Insights: April 2012

by Colleen Fahey Rush, Strategic Insights and Research, Viacom Media Networks

At Viacom Media Networks, our connection to our audiences is everything.  We put an enormous amount of thought and energy into understanding our fans, and we use those insights to fuel creative inspiration and reinvention across our brands.  We work hard to translate our audience intelligence into great shows, movies and content across every platform.

Research is our secret sauce.  But, sometimes, it’s too good not to share the recipe.  For the past year or so now, we’ve picked two exemplary studies and highlighted them in a bi-monthly Consumer Insights newsletter we send to partners, press and interested parties here at Viacom.  We thought it might be fun to share the newsletter here on the blog as well, so look for Consumer Insights featured studies in this space moving forward, along with additional research we’ll post here on an ongoing basis.

For April, the two studies we’ll look at – in posts to follow this one – include:

VH1’s Meet the Adultsters: In this study, VH1 delves into the distinctive attitudes, behaviors, values, motivations, relationships and everyday lives of first-wave Millennial “Adultsters,” revealing how they’ve embraced challenges and re-written rules along the way.

Spike’s State of Man: This multi-dimensional study explores how today’s men balance home, work, relationships and parenting by using their own tools and skills to create innovative solutions.

Our networks hit a wide variety of audiences, so whether you’re looking for insights on teens, Boomers, kids, moms or young adults, chances are you’ll find them in one of our Consumer Insights posts.

Click on the Consumer Insights tag or Research page to see them all in one place, and let us know what you think in the comments.


Colleen Fahey Rush is Executive Vice President of Strategic Insights and Research for Viacom.