Another BET Experience: When the Fan Becomes the Intern

So, you’ve been obsessed with BET Networks for as long as you can remember. You are one of the “real fans” who recalls watching reruns of Rap City, and loving every minute of AJ and Free hosting 106 & Park. Every year, you anxiously anticipate the thrill and excitement of the annual BET Awards and BET Experience.

This was me: a die-hard BET fan. I wondered what an internship with one of my favorite television networks would be like. In lieu of how difficult it is to land a Viacom internship, I expected to become an integrated member of the team whose work positively impacts the network. I wanted to work with people who care about who I am, and not just what I could do for them. Ultimately, I expected to be constantly challenged, as that is how I produce my best work.

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