CMT ‘Open for Business’ Panel Addresses LGBT Issues, Future of the Workplace

by Jordan Slack, CMT

Open For Business Panel

The panel was introduced. A silence fell over the room. A silence that, despite the potential ability to be an arbiter of awkwardness for the average person, was at present far from it. Because for the group at the front of the room, silence was an old friend.

And that’s exactly why they gathered there Wednesday, June 26, on a sunny afternoon at the CMT offices in Nashville – to discuss taking the steps away from that silence, and into the future of the workplace. The panel, appropriately titled “Open for Business” was a part of CMT’s way of celebrating National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Month, which occurs annually in June. Throughout the month, the LGBT community embraces speaking out on many different scales, with everything from large parades, to small community conversations and panels.

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