Hispanic Millennials: How They Decide to Buy Clothes

by Jose Tillan, Insight Tr3s

Last year’s Tr3s Millennial study revealed that when it comes to style, Hispanic Millennials want to be “unique, but not a freak.” They aim to stand out and be original — without being seen as weird. So how do they make their choices about how to dress?

To answer that question, we analyzed Simmons data on adult Hispanic Millennials’ views on apparel and shopping. We found that Millennial “recessionista” values such as durability, loyalty to stores with good prices and shopping around for the best deal were popular.  Also we see the “Comfort Fashionista” who dresses to please themselves yet keeps up with the latest styles (and loves to try them out), makes a statement with their look  and it all has to be comfortable! Read More

Hispanic Millennials and Healthy Eating

by Jose Tillan, Insight Tr3s

In last week’s post, we saw that adult Hispanic Millennials love traditional Latin foods and are more likely than non-Hispanics to cook with fresh ingredients.  This week, we analyzed habits relating to healthy eating among adult Hispanic and non-Hispanic Millennials.

Overall, Hispanics 18-29 are more likely to report an interest in nutrition and dieting, while higher proportions of non-Hispanics in this age group say they’re working to achieve well-balanced diets and trying to eat healthier foods. Hispanics 25-29 are more likely than 18-24s to focus on nutrition and health, while the 18-24 segment has a slightly higher tendency to diet to lose weight. Foreign-born Hispanics are generally more likely than US-born to report making choices based on health and dieting — but when it comes to purchase behavior they are as likely or more to buy full-fat dairy products, pre-sweetened cereals, and non-diet cola. Read More

Hispanic Millennials on Traditional Foods and Cooking

by Jose Tillan, Insight Tr3s

We know that Hispanic Millennials straddle two cultures – and that tendency plays out in their food preferences and habits. They love their chilaquiles and arroz con pollo, as well as their chili dogs and mac-and-cheese. They are also more likely to enjoy cooking and to use fresh ingredients than their non-Hispanic peers.

The following is our analysis of Simmons data on traditional foods and cooking habits among adult Hispanic Millennials (ages 18 to 29). Read More

Latin Artists Can Reach New Audiences Via Zumba

by Jose Tillan, Insight Tr3s

In the mid-90s, Alberto “Beto” Perez was on his way to teach an aerobics class in Cali, Colombia when he realized he’d forgotten his traditional aerobics music. With no time to turn back, he improvised the class with a mix of salsa and merengue tapes from his backpack. The change of music inspired him to try something new: to focus on being moved by the rhythm instead of counting reps. His energy electrified the room — and his students loved the class. That day, Zumba Fitness was born. Read More

Hispanic Millennials and Music Discovery

by Jose Tillan, Insight Tr3s

Music is an essential part of all the Millennial lifestyle – and for Hispanic Millennials, it’s a fundamental part of their family life. Young Latinos generally have more of a foundation in music than their non-Hispanic peers because their families listen to more music at home, giving them a stronger familiarity with traditional hits and the sounds of their native countries. Read More

College Enrollment Increases Among Hispanic Millennials

by Jose Tillan, Insight Tr3s

A Pew Hispanic Center study last year revealed that the rate of Hispanic college enrollment grew by 24% from 2009 to 2010, driving enrollment among total U.S. 18- to-24-year-olds to an all-time high of 12.2 million. According to this study, 32% of Latinos in this age group were enrolled in college – up from 27% in 2009 and 13% in 1972. Much of this growth was at community colleges. Among young Hispanics in college in 2010, 46% were at two-year colleges and 54% were at four-year colleges. Read More

Quinceañeras, A Celebration of Uniqueness

by Jose Tillan, Insight Tr3s

This month, Tr3s wraps up the 8th season of the hit show “Quiero Mis Quinces,” which targets bilingual/bicultural Latinos. The unforgettable quinceañera party of New Jersey identical twins Saned and Camille, featuring risqué dance performances ranging from burlesque to hip-hop, as well as sexy costumes, is showcasing one of the many experiences for Latinas celebrating their fifteenth milestone. In some cases however, the tradition is no longer limited to young women: new trends show a growing number of boys wanting to have their own quinceañero parties, as well. Read More

Travel and Tourism for Hispanic Millennials

by Jose Tillan, Insight Tr3s

The Fourth of July ignites the start of the summer travel season. Whether it’s a few days at the beach, a trip to visit relatives in another state, or a couple of weeks in another country, summer trips are all about breaking routines and getting away from it all. So what does travel look like for Hispanic Millennials?

Nearly 60% of Hispanics 18 to 29 have taken a trip within the U.S. in the last year or a trip abroad in the last three years. Among those who have traveled, domestic trips are slightly more common than foreign: nearly eight-in-ten have traveled within the U.S., compared with seven-in-ten who have traveled abroad. Read More

Hispanic Millennials: Active on Social Media, Open to Sharing About Favorite Brands

by Jose Tillan, Insight Tr3s

If your brand is looking to connect with young consumers, social media is the platform for engagement. According to Simmons, Hispanic Millennials are a ripe target, with nearly 3 out of 4 Hispanics 18 to 29 actively using social media. Nearly a third of adult Hispanic Millennial social media users check in very frequently — at least three times a day — and close to half check in at least once a day. These users are also savvy shoppers who enjoy sharing their experiences and engaging their ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ as well. In other words, young Latinos are a potentially rich source of brand advocates for marketers. Read More