The ‘Born-Free’ Generation in South Africa

by Julie Lefevre, Research & Insights, VIMN - Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa

Young people walk in a park in Johannesburg in front of a billboard calling on the people of South Africa to vote for the ANC in the upcoming general election on May 7, in a vote which promises to be the sternest test yet of the ruling African National Congress. (Photo: ALEXANDER JOE/AFP/Getty Images)

April 27, 1994 has a special meaning in South Africa: citizens of all races were allowed to take part in the elections for the first time. The African National Congress (ANC) party won a sweeping victory and Nelson Mandela became the first black elected president of the country.

Two decades later, May 7 will be the first election since Mandela’s death and the first in which the so-called ‘Born-free’ generation are eligible to vote. Read More