MTV Insights on Gay Millennials: I’m Not Your GBF

by Matt Cohen, MTV Insights

Having grown up in a culture with greater gay visibility and acceptance than ever before, Gay Millennials are quickly speeding past “Coming Out,”  and moving on to tackle the unique challenges that arise in a “post-out” culture.  Chief among these new challenges is the struggle to avoid being tokenized as the Gay Best Friend, or “GBF.” Read More

MTV’s New Series ‘Underemployed’: When Generation #Win Meets Economy #Fail

by Matt Cohen, MTV Insights

MTV’s new series “Underemployed” premieres tonight at 10 p.m.

Millennials are a hyper-charged generation that has been primed for success and raised to believe they can conquer the world with their special talents.  Growing up, they were coached and encouraged by “peer-rents” and teachers to take the right classes, participate in the right extracurriculars, and do the right internships – all with the promise that if they were responsible and worked hard, they would be rewarded with a fulfilling job and a happy life. Read More

Gay Millennials, Part 1: Beyond ‘Coming Out’

by Matt Cohen, MTV Insights

For previous gay generations, “Coming Out” was one of the most significant things you would do in your life as a gay person.  For Gay Millennials, “Coming Out” is increasingly “no big deal” – to use the words of one Millennial we interviewed.  In honor of National Coming Out Day, today we’re taking a look at how this generation of gay youth is redefining this rite of passage…

When we began studying Gay Millennials earlier this year, we started by asking ourselves what the major challenges and tension points are for this particular subgroup of Millennials.  “Coming Out” seemed like a natural place to begin our discussion.  After all, rites of passage on the road to adulthood are often tough, and “Coming Out” has long been treated as one of the scariest and most risky acts of self-definition.  For previous generations – where gay men and women often didn’t come out until their 20s, 30s, or later (if it at all) for fear of rejection or persecution – simply revealing one’s sexual identity was, perhaps, the ultimate challenge for a gay person.  However, that seems to be changing.  Read More

Consumer Insights: ‘MTV’s Magic of the Movies’

by Matt Cohen, MTV Insights

In “Magic of the Movies,” MTV sought to understand Millennials’ unique relationship with movies — what movies mean to them, what draws them to the theater and what constitutes the “magic of movies” for this generation. The findings reveal that having instant access to so much content on so many platforms and devices has actually made the theater experience even more sacred to this group. Read More

Is the Midnight Screening the New Rock Concert?

by Matt Cohen, MTV Insights

Ryan Gosling is nominated for Best Male Performance, for "Drive," in the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. (Photo: Bold Films)

In preparation for the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, we at MTV Insights have been conducting research to understand this generation’s unique relationship with movies  — what movies mean to Millennials, what draws Millennials to the theater, and what constitutes the “magic of movies” for this generation. In this first in a series of posts on our findings, we share a key insight about the theater experience. Read More

‘Call Me Maybe,’ Justin Bieber, and the Increasingly Intimate Relationship between Fans and Artists

by Matt Cohen, MTV Insights

Photo Credit: Picture Group via

Having grown up using the same digital tools to interact with both friends and celebrities, Millennials have come to desire radically intimate relationships with their favorite stars.  As a result, celebs are revealing more authentic versions of themselves online and treating their fans more as friends

Read More