Consumer Insights: The Global Family

by Sarah Dell’Aquila, International Research and Insights, Nickelodeon

Parents consider their kids to be their best friends. Happiness is the most important thing in life. Families are open about finances. Media connections bring families together. These are the attributes of the new global family.

Covering 20 countries, “The Global Family” found that families around the world are all markedly different from previous generations.  Parents, kids and grandparents today, across every region in the world, share more in common and are drawn closer together by shared interests and embracing new value systems of tolerance and acceptance.

The findings revealed that:

There is a stronger sense of connectedness within the family, regardless of their shape or size, as familial relationships become increasingly tight-knit, despite changes to the traditional family unit.  This connectedness gives kids a feeling of happiness, security, understanding and curiosity about the world around them.

  • Kids and parents are much closer in the past and many parents even consider their kids among their best friends.
  • This strong sense of friendship between parent and child is especially pronounced in Brazil and Poland while Mexico, Korea, UK and Germany are all above average.
  • Globally kids feel extremely or very close to different members of the family and extended family.
    • Mom is still the go-to parent and the one both sons and daughters feel closest to in 95% of the countries covered.
    • In 82% of countries studied we saw that fathers are more hands-on and spend more time with their kids than in the past.
    • Grandparents are providing increased emotional and practical support to their grandchildren and, in 60% of countries, they are considered the very closest.  Kids in China are particularly close with two-thirds feeling very or extremely close to their grandparents.  No matter how much they see their grandparents, kids want to see them even more.  In the UK, for example, almost two-thirds of kids see their grandparents weekly yet say they’d like to see them more often. Read More