Viacom Congratulates Cablefax’s Top Minority Executives

Stuart Winchester by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

When Cablefax: The Magazine turned its September issue over to acknowledge top minority executives in video and broadband, we were not surprised to see Viacom well represented. Our brands have long prided themselves on diversity, from behind-the-camera talent to programming to our board of directors. Such strong representation on Cablefax’s list is encouraging as we work toward an ever more diverse media and entertainment landscape.

“[The individuals included on these lists] are leaders in all facets of the industry – and what they have to say, which sometimes includes criticisms of cable’s diversity status – are all important pieces of the conversation,” writes the magazine’s editorial director, Amy Maclean.

Cablefax divided their honors up into several categories, and Viacom executives landed on two of them – Leaders and Influentials. A brief overview of each list, along with the names of our honored employees, is below. Viacom congratulates the individuals in each category and thanks them for their vital contributions to our success.

The Leaders  

From Cablefax: “Our salute to the industry’s top 100 minority executives”:

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Art at Viacom Workshop: Behind the Blades of Tahiti Pehrson’s Artistic Process

I remember arriving for orientation on my first day at Viacom back in February. I was thrilled to know I’d be working at the company responsible for some of the most iconic moments in entertainment history, a company with brands that defined my adolescence. Walking through the lobby of 1515 Broadway amidst a hypnotic waterfall of yarn was an otherworldly experience. It made me realize that Viacom would become my home.

Art at Viacom’s artist-in-residence at the time, instillation guru HOTTEA, was responsible for the tinted tendrils. Art at Viacom regularly partners with distinct, often emerging artists by giving them an unconventional canvass—Viacom headquarters. The results are enthralling installations, as vibrant and creative as the company spirit.

In April, I’d witness the building’s evolution from kaleidoscopic yarn factory to a pop-art-deco landscape, courtesy of Australian artist duo, Dabs Myla. In September, I entered the paper galaxy of Tahiti Pehrson.


A cycle of light and life, created by Tahiti Pehrson for Viacom Headquarters. Photos courtesy of Art at Viacom.

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A Cyclical Journey: An Interview With Art at Viacom’s Artist-in-Residence, Tahiti Pehrson

If you were to walk past Viacom Headquarters in Times Square, you would likely notice three massive turrets of mandalas glazed upon the building’s towering windows. This is the work of our latest artist-in-residence, Tahiti Pehrson from his Art at Viacom exhibit, The Journey of Light.


Photo courtesy of Art at Viacom.

The work is laborious—Pehrson evokes the intricate behavior of light and dimension by using exact-o knifes to carve designs into 100 percent-cotton paper, overlapping stencil upon stencil of geometric origami. From a distance, the art looks like it was laser-printed upon the building. The fact that it is the result of human handicraft makes it all the more stunning.

I spoke with the artist behind the imperial exhibit to learn more about his own journey of light.


Pehrson’s peacful stencils are a perfect balance to the hectic construction outside of Viacom Headquarters. Photo courtesy of Art at Viacom.

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Gen X’s Unconventional Approach To Relationships, Sex, Career and Life – Viacom International Insights

Christian Kurz by Christian Kurz, Global Consumer Insights, Viacom

Gen X Today Special Edition, October 2016

Our Viacom International Insights team recently compiled a series of stories focused entirely on our newest project, Gen X Today. This generation grew up with our channels and continues to be important to us. Worldwide, Viacom reaches well over 180 million Gen Xers*.

This study found that Gen X’s youthful rebellion has transformed into a radical acceptance of who they are – and the stories below illustrate what life is like for these cultural trailblazers. In their relationships and in their careers, they make decisions based on what works for them over what looks good to others. These tendencies are helping them avoid midlife crisis as they approach their middle years.

As always, please check out our insights blog, where you can find these stories and many more.

* Based on Jun-Aug ’16, 29 countries with ratings available



Gen X Today: My life. My way.

Hiding in plain view since the 1990s, Gen X has been quietly changing the world. Who are they now and what are their lives like?

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13 Reasons Why Viacom Is an Awesome Place to Be a Mom

I wasn’t surprised to see that Viacom had made Working Mother’s list of 100 Best Companies for the sixth consecutive year. As the mother of two boys – Thomas, 11 months, and Timothy, 2 and a half – who has worked at Viacom for more than seven years, I have found so many reasons why it’s a great place to be a working mom. Here’s my list of benefits I have found useful as a mom:

1)      Flexibility

We aren’t always tied to our desks to get our work done. The company (at least in my department – Media and Technology Services), offers a lot of freedom in how we can get projects and tasks done. For the work that my team does, I can take calls with our team in India or London from home or in the office.

2)      Telecommuting

The ability to work from home during family emergencies has been invaluable. We have faced some health issues in my family lately, and the ability to telecommute has been a godsend. It gave me the opportunity to support my family in a way that I could not have done remotely, and our situation is much better now.


The flexibility to work remotely when her family needs her most is crucial to Nguyen’s work-life balance. She is pictured here with her husband, Truc, and their sons Timothy, 2 and a half, and Thomas, 11 months.

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Viacom’s Top Networks to Join AT&T’s Streaming-Only DIRECTV NOW Service

Stuart Winchester by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

Viacom just announced that fifteen of our top networks will join the more than 100 that will be available on AT&T’s DIRECTV NOW streaming service when it launches later this year. Here’s what you need to know:

No television necessary

DIRECTV NOW will be available entirely and only online. That means you can access it through those devices that you carry around with you and use for basically everything else. All you’ll really need is an internet connection. And if AT&T is your wireless provider, you will even be able to watch beyond the boundaries of the connected world without vacuuming up data.

Deadline quoted AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson on this unique setup recently: “The data required to stream [DIRECTV NOW] on your mobile device is incorporated into the price of the content … If you choose to use that in a mobile environment on AT&T [then] your data cost will be incorporated into your content cost.”

The gang’s all here

Viacom’s family of cable networks reach more viewers than anyone else. We’ve worked with AT&T to make sure DIRECTV NOW carried some of our most beloved, resonant, impactful properties, including MTV, MTV2, MTV ClassicVH1, CMT, BET, Logo, Nickelodeon, NicktoonsNick Jr., TeenNickComedy Central, TV Land, Spike and Centric. So, lots of stuff like this:

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Viacom Congratulates Our 2016 Emmy Winners

Stuart Winchester by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

After picking up more than a half dozen statuettes at the Creative Arts Emmys – including a long-deserved nod to RuPaul for best reality show host – Viacom brands added to their haul at the Primetime Emmys, with Comedy Central’s Key & Peele earning Outstanding Variety Sketch Series and the Paramount Television-produced Grease: Live winning its fifth overall Emmy, for Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special.

Our Viacom Catalyst team, which orchestrated a definitive photo shoot with Jonathan Mannion for Viacom’s Fans First campaign earlier this year and recently designed the logo for the newly opened National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., put together this flashy little video to acknowledge all of the winners.

Congratulations to everyone at Viacom who contributed to making this standout programming. You can read about the rest of Viacom’s 2016 Emmy wins here.


Free Preview: Epix Launches Pair of Original Series – Spy Serial and Presidential Renaissance

Stuart Winchester by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

You probably know Epix as a warehouse for the highlights of Hollywood weekends past. From 1917’s The Eye of Envy to recent releases Whisky Tango Foxtrot and Daddy’s Home, the depth and quality of the library is stunning (check it out here and try their awesome filtering tool).

But like Viacom brands CMT (Nashville, Still The King) and TV Land (Younger, Impastor, Teachers, Lopez – check out their glimmering new website), Epix is mixing original series into their lineup, starting with the duo of Berlin Station and Graves – and you can watch the first two episodes of each for free.

Graves is set in an alt-reality America where President Richard Graves (Nick Nolte) is stumbling through life decades after his two-term presidency ends. Tended by a flock of aides, security teams, and fellow politicians-in-retirement coordinated through his wife (Sela Ward), the 42nd president grumbles through his days with a despondent resignation. At the end of another day of labored tedium, the Republican folk hero sits alone in his palatial desert compound and Googles, “Who was the worst president in history?” The search results launch him into a frenzy of shocked self-realization that will reverberate across society. Check out the preview below, then watch the first two episodes here.

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VIMN Velocity Is International Media Brand of the Year

Stuart Winchester by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

The 27th M&M Global Awards, held in London last week, are a pretty big-deal event.

How big? Ask Viacom International Media Networks President Bob Bakish.

“The M&M Global Awards are the Media, Marketing & Advertising event in the UK,” he wrote in a note to employees earlier this week.

The occasion for Bakish’s note was simple: to congratulate the Viacom Velocity International group for taking International Media Brand of the Year at this hugely important event.

The Viacom Velocity Team Poses With Their M&M Global Award for International Media Brand of the Year

The Viacom Velocity Team Poses With Their M&M Global Award for International Media Brand of the Year

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From Children’s Wellness to Aircraft Carrier Maintenance, Chryssi Mikus Is Here to Help

Stuart Winchester by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

Chryssi Mikus has a long and ongoing relationship with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, working to secure donations and auction items for large fundraisers. In 2015, she traveled to the center’s flagship institution in Memphis, Tennessee. She sits on the Friends of St. Jude committee, a group that brainstorms new fundraising opportunities and identifies potential new community or corporate partners.

While such dedication to the St. Jude’s cause might suggest some sort of full-time commitment to the organization, Mikus is actually a senior manager in Viacom’s Marketing & Partner Insights group, working across all of the company’s networks. Her expansive contributions to St. Jude are entirely voluntary.

“I think it’s important to give back, especially to causes you’re passionate about, whether it’s children or animals or the elderly,” Mikus says.

Chryssi Mikus has had a long relationship with St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Here she stands in front of the center’s flagship in Memphis, Tennessee.

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