These Young Coders Are Going to Change the World—Starting With Viacom

Zahraa Lopez vividly remembers the excitement she felt when, as a child, she’d walk past the TRL stage, gleaming behind the windows of Viacom’s Times Square Headquarters. She’d look up at the majestic silver skyscraper with awe. “I always wanted to see inside,” said Lopez, who grew up in the Bronx. “I wanted to be […]

MTV Votes Down Discrimination and Inequality With a Wall We Can All Get Behind

MTV’s Elect This campaign is all about letting the voters do the talking. Social justice, national security, healthcare and the economy, climate change, and immigration and refugees are what MTV’s millennial voters are talking about. The latest campaign, Beyond the Wall, highlights one major issue—immigration rights and reform. In a final push to stir the […]

Gen X’s Unconventional Approach To Relationships, Sex, Career and Life – Viacom International Insights

Gen X Today Special Edition, October 2016 Our Viacom International Insights team recently compiled a series of stories focused entirely on our newest project, Gen X Today. This generation grew up with our channels and continues to be important to us. Worldwide, Viacom reaches well over 180 million Gen Xers*. This study found that Gen […]

Seven Things You Need to Know About A$AP Rocky and His Partnership With MTV Labs and Viacom Velocity

1. A$AP Rocky was rapping by the time he was 8 years old. Now, he’s one of Viacom Velocity’s “Creative Incubators.” Viacom Velocity and MTV Labs have named A$AP Rocky as creative director. This is just the latest big move for someone who has done a lot in 28 years, a stretch that some might […]

How Creativity Can Kill You and Why You Are Totally Unprepared for the Next Panther Attack

“I want you to know less at the end of this talk than you think you do now. Nothing interesting begins with knowing, it begins with doubt.” This was how Dr. Beau Lotto began his speech on Tuesday, June 28, addressing a group of nearly 100 employees at Viacom Headquarters. “The Neuroscience of Creativity” promised […]

VIMN’s Christian Kurz Re[DEFINED]s TV

Recently, over 100 employees gathered at Viacom’s Times Square Headquarters to learn more about TV’s transformation from Viacom International Media Networks Senior Vice President of Consumer Insights and Analytics Christian Kurz. Kurz runs VIMN’s research blog, Viacom International Insights, which distills emerging trends about our global audience based upon original research convened by our international […]

Viacom’s Consumer Insights From Around the Globe: August 2016

Welcome to the August issue of the Viacom International Insights Digest, bringing you Viacom’s latest consumer insights from around the world. This month’s issue includes a look at global parents’ rising LGBT acceptance, an analysis of how global teens listen to music, and two infographics: one identifying the role of humor in the daily lives […]

Viacom International Insights: Brexit Special Edition, July 2016

Late last month, Britain surprised the world by voting to leave the European Union. Following that vote, Viacom International re-contacted seven young adults from the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands and Sweden who had participated in a 2014 study of global youth’s vision of the future in 2020. At the time, our young Europeans spoke […]