Comedian Tiffany Haddish to Host the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards

The MTV Movie & TV Awards continue to forge a path of diversity, inclusion and all-around awesomeness. Last year, the network tentpole revamped its award parameters, doing away with gendered categories and doling out buckets of golden popcorn to those who helped produce the best of film, television and digital media.

This year, Girls Trip actress Tiffany Haddish will host the ceremony.

Haddish is pumped, to say the least. The star shared a video with her 1.8 million Instagram followers to announce the news. “It’s gonna be off the chain,” said Haddish. “Because you know why? I’m hosting! And you know what that means ― it’s gonna be hilarious.”

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Comedy Central and the Creation of Colossal Clusterfest: The Bonnaroo of Comedy

Comedy Central’s first foray into the festival scene, a three-day music and comedy fete in June called Colossal Clusterfest, was quietly introduced in a press release back in February with the simple tagline: “Comedy. Music. Comedy.”

The San Francisco-based cluster boasted superb stand-up, live podcasts, musical performances, and interactive attractions. There were sips and suds from California’s renowned wineries and local fare from artisan chefs. The circus culminated in a live Comedy Central special.

The goal—to pack a whopping, fans-first immersive experience into one weekend—was lofty, especially for a first-time festival. But attendees and critics largely agree that it was a colossal success.

Watch the highlight reel:

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TV Land’s Meta-Comedy Nobodies Hits Hollywood’s Funnybone

TV Land’s latest scripted series is an inside-Hollywood comedy told through the lens of showbiz outsiders. Nobodies, which premiered last week, follows three graduates of renowned improv troupe the Groundlings—Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, and Rachel Ramras, each playing versions of themselves—as they flounder in the entertainment industry while watching their friends reach stardom.

Davidson, Dorf, and Ramras play “nobodies,” and invite the world to watch their cringe-worthy attempts at fame.

Why should we care?

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We All Laugh the Same: Viacom Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month With Latinx Comedy Panel

Growing up, sitcoms were my main hub of comedy. I would watch shows like Everybody Loves Raymond with my Korean-American parents, who were trying to entertain themselves while expanding their English skills.

When I started working as a Viacom intern in the spring of 2016, I was exposed to a different type of comedy – political satire in the form of a mock newsroom. I had the opportunity to watch a live taping of The Daily Show With Trevor Noah. This experience taught me how diverse comedy could be. Noah is mixed-race and born in South Africa, yet he’s hosting a satirical talk show on a major cable network about American politics.

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How Many Times Has Kenny Died? South Park By The Numbers

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

South Park hit a milestone last night with the premiere of their 20th season on Comedy Central, where the boys applied their usual ruthless cultural analysis to the U.S. presidential election, internet trolls, and the controversy around The Star-Spangled Banner at NFL games.

Add these moments to the many that the series’ 1,714 characters have delivered across 267 episodes over the past 19 seasons: 200 fights, 18 Randy arrests, 84 Stan vomits and, of course, 102 Kenny deaths.

Where did I get those numbers? From this super helpful by-the-numbers video assembled by the folks over at South Park Studios. Check it out, then go watch the first episode of season 20 here. New episodes air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

Comedy Central’s Period Drama Digs Funny Feminism

During the middle of a heat wave last July, I discovered the intricate, absurd, yet culturally-relevant gem that is Comedy Central’s Another Period. Within three minutes of watching the show, I was giddy.

What made the pilot so captivating? The innovative combination of historical drama and reality TV? The decadence?

AP decadence

Was it Snoop Dogg’s theme song?

Michael Ian Black’s butler extraordinaire, Peepers?

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New York Comedy Festival Brings 200 Comics, Hilarity to 5 Boroughs

by Tiffany Knighten, Viacom
Extending its delivery of the funniest shows on TV, Comedy Central is meeting fans throughout NYC’s five boroughs this week through New York Comedy Festival, another one of the network’s live events. Informally deemed a “Comedy Coachella” without all the flower crowns and dehydration risks, the week-long festival of live performances hit the five boroughs this week. By the time the NYCF ends this Sunday, it will have featured nearly 200 comics playing more than 60 shows. Over the past 11 years, it has featured the country’s top comedians, including comedy icons like Louis C.K., Bill Maher, Larry David, John Mulaney, Kevin Hart, Sarah Silverman, Wanda Sykes and Aziz Ansari, among others.
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The Year’s Best Female Comedy Performer Is Amy Schumer, According to Vulture TV Awards

by Daina Amorosano, Viacom

"Comedy Central's Stars Under The Stars" Hosted By Gabriel Iglesias And Featuring Adam Devine, John Mulaney, Jeff Ross And Amy Schumer

As part of its week-long TV Awards recognizing the best in television from the past calendar year, Vulture today bestowed Amy Schumer with the honor of Best Female Comedy Performer. Well deserved, and also an impressive feat when considering the competition in the category, from modern comedy legends like Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Amy Poehler, to super-hot-right-now stars like Mindy Kaling and Aisha Tyler. Here’s what TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz had to say about Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer: Read More

Consumer Insights: VH1’s Finding Funny

by Michael Desmarais, Market Research, VH1

With a new wave of funny female-fronted movies and TV shows finding wide success recently, VH1 mined the humor landscape of its female Adultster (Millennials, ages 25+) audience to determine whether the new faces of female humor, from Mindy Kaling and Zooey Deschanel to Amy Schumer, represent a more fundamental shift in the female humor experience. In “Finding Funny,” VH1 examined the role and benefit of humor to female Adultsters, what humor captivates them, and their primary sources for funny content. In addition, it charted differences in how male and female Adultsters define humor. Read More