Erica Romero Tells the Story of Astoria You Haven’t Heard

​Erica Romero is enamored with her adapted hometown of Astoria, Queens.The location is perfect—her parents live on Long Island, and she can commute easily to Manhattan for her job here at Viacom. She appreciates the neighborhood’s vibrant mix of old and young residents, of quaint old-world charm and trendy new culture.

“Basically it’s just everything you can imagine is in this really small space,” said Romero, who’s been an Astoria resident for four years now and doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

Romero and her best friend, Michelle Schultz, decided to pay homage to their beloved community by launching the Instagram account@AStoryofAstoria two years ago. While neither Romero nor Schultz are professional photographers – Romero works in Viacom’s Human Resources department, while Schultz is a professional makeup artist – they’ve developed a knack for curating the most scenic snapshots of their town, whether it’s funky street art or a beatific rooftop sunset.

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CEO Philippe Dauman, Viacom Employees Ring NASDAQ Opening Bell

by Daina Amorosano, Viacom

This Friday, the majority of Viacom employees put on their out-of-office autoreplies, made their way to a community service project of choice, and rolled up their sleeves to do something good – as is tradition on Viacommunity Day, our company-wide day to give back. All around the world, droves of Viacom employees dispersed across hundreds of volunteer sites — another year of record numbers, as participation steadily grows.  This year, employees worked on everything from packing goody bags for Boston First Responders, to rebuilding sites still devastated from Hurricane Sandy, and conducting mock interviews for the unemployed in need of such training.

In honor of Viacom’s service on Viacommunity Day, Viacom President and Chief Executive Officer Philippe Dauman and a group of employees rang the NASDAQ opening bell Monday morning. Following the bell ringing, I sat down with Dauman to hear his take on the Company’s corporate conscience and why this day of service is so important. Here’s what he had to say. Read More

Thousands of Employees Take the Day, Service Their ‘Viacommunity’

In many respects, Viacommunity Day – Viacom’s longstanding annual day of community service – is the much-anticipated tentpole event of the pro-social work we do here all year long. And in many respects, from level of participation to number of projects around the world, this year’s was our biggest and most successful to date. Read More