Paramount’s Downsizing Demonstrates Outsized Impact With an Environmental Media Award Nomination

*spoilers below*

In addition to Critics’ Choice and Golden Globe nominations, Paramount’s Downsizing has earned a nod from the Environmental Media Association (EMA) in its feature film category. The annual EMAs honor the most environmentally conscious works in film and television.

Downsizing posits what would happen if scientists took a drastic step to conserve the Earth’s resources. Matt Damon stars as Paul Safranek, a regular guy living a near-future version of the American Midwest with his wife, Audrey (Kristen Wiig), and struggling to pay the bills. To maximize their finances, the Safraneks decide to shrink themselves to five inches tall. Paul’s life in the lap of Lilliputian luxury sours once he finds out his wife has changed her mind and will not be downsizing, and subsequently divorces him.

Paramount’s film tackles heavy themes: economic disparity, political and racial inequality, and what has attracted attention from the EMA board—environmental sustainability.

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Paramount Helps Set the Hollywood Standard for Sustainable Production

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

When Paramount filmed the recently released Daddy’s Home, the studio focused on a lot more than just finding the ideal New Orleans locations for step-dad Will Ferrell and father Mark Wahlberg to wrangle for influence over young Megan and Dylan – they also wanted to make as low of an environmental impact as possible.

So they operated on a low paper directive, distributing items digitally whenever possible, double-siding when something absolutely had to be printed, and recycling materials after they’d been used. To cut down on waste from bottles and cups, the producers distributed Klean Kanteens to all crew members. A donation to the Green Project at the end of production put an exclamation point on this environmental commitment.

This sort of dedication to sustainability is hardly new to Paramount. In fact, the studio is part of a coterie of industry heavyweights that funds the Green Production Guide, a go-to resource for film and television productions seeking green products and services. The coalition – which also includes the Producers Guild of America, Disney, Fox, NBCU, Sony and Warner Brothers – released an updated guide earlier this week in anticipation of World Environment Day on Sunday, June 5.

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Ferrell and Wahlberg Face Off in Daddy’s Home, in Theaters Dec. 25

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

Looking for some laughs this holiday season? How about Will Ferrell playing stepdad to Mark Wahlberg’s two children? When Dad suddenly re-emerges into the family’s life, the two face off in a raucous battle involving ponies, motorcycles, Starbursts and bedtime fairy tales about who has the most powerful, um, sword. Paramount pictures releases Daddy’s Home, starring Will Farrell, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini, Thomas Haden Church and Hannibal Buress in theaters this Friday, Dec. 25.

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