Standing Up to Uncertainty, Ideal Jobs, and Kids in China: Viacom Global Insights Digest

by Christian Kurz, Global Consumer Insights, Viacom

October 2017

Viacom’s latest consumer insights from around the world include how people cope with uncertainty, teens’ and young adults’ ideal jobs, and kids in China. As always, stories are available in English, Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Christian Kurz, SVP Global Consumer Insights, Viacom

INFOGRAPHIC: How People Around the World Are Standing Up To Uncertainty

In the face of an unpredictable future, time with loved ones, music and laughter are essential tools for managing stress.


In an Ideal Career, Teens and Young Adults Value Passions Over Profit 

16 to 34 year olds would rather have flexibility and free time than a big paycheck, according to a new study.     



Kids in China Are Less Anxious, More Careful With Their Money, and Have More IRL Friends

A recent project illustrates how Chinese kids are similar and different from their global peers.


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VIMN’s Christian Kurz Re[DEFINED]s TV

Recently, over 100 employees gathered at Viacom’s Times Square Headquarters to learn more about TV’s transformation from Viacom International Media Networks Senior Vice President of Consumer Insights and Analytics Christian Kurz.

Kurz runs VIMN’s research blog, Viacom International Insights, which distills emerging trends about our global audience based upon original research convened by our international operations. Kurz shared intriguing points from his latest study, TV Re[DEFINED], which explores how consumers react to the new age of television.

It was the inaugural event in a series called Insights at Viacom, where industry experts share compelling stories about the latest currents in the entertainment business—all informed by their most recent research and metrics.

Here are seven insights that resonated most as a Viacom employee—as well as a TV consumer.

Bakish Quote

A quote from the president and CEO of VIMN, Robert Bakish.

Read More

TV Needs To Be ‘S.M.A.R.T.’

by Christian Kurz, Global Consumer Insights, Viacom

It’s no secret that the way consumers watch TV content is evolving and changing.  Viacom’s new research project, TV S.M.A.R.T., provides a deep understanding of how and why TV viewing is changing around the world, as well as insight into how technological advancements are impacting consumption and engagement. During the study, we connected with more than 27,000 viewers across 32 countries. We were granted unprecedented access into their lives and TV viewing habits to arrive at a deep, immersive understanding of what drives their TV watching preferences. The findings reveal that TV is still the king of media, but it needs to be SMART — social, mobile, accessible, relevant and tailored. Read More

Consumer Insights: Viacom International Media Networks’ ‘Power of Laughter’

by James Guerrier, Research & Insights, Comedy Central, VIMN


In its ongoing research into “The Power of Laughter,” Viacom International Media Networks offers an international perspective on the social and emotional benefits of laughter. The multi-layered, multi-territory look across 12 countries explores the impact of laughter on people’s well being, as well as how much more engaged audiences are when watching funny or humorous content. Thanks to an innovative facial scanner, GfK Emo Scan, that decodes subjects’ emotional response to visual stimulus by tracking intricate facial movements, this study was able to quantitatively measure the impact of laughter with moment-to-moment analyses. The findings reveal that laughter is life’s best medicine for the mind, body and soul, and that comedy boosts levels of engagement. Read More

Consumer Insights: ‘The Next Normal: An Unprecedented Look at Millennials Worldwide’

by Christian Kurz, Global Consumer Insights, Viacom

This large-scale global study takes an unprecedented look at Millennials worldwide, and more telling than the disparities was the consistency of the results. The landmark study – the broadest single study of the Millennial generation to date – spanned 24 countries, included 15,000 interviews and revealed four major global trends among young people today, from their high levels of happiness to their emphasis on family and community. Read More