IMAX Delivers a Decade of Metal-Crushing Transformers Battles

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

When Transformers: The Last Knight drops on June 23, it will mark the fifth installment in the franchise from Paramount, a legacy that stretches back a decade. From the day Transformers hit theaters on that July day in 2007, the franchise has delivered an explosive visual experience as oversized as the robots that it stars.

And those visuals really rip on Imax, a platform that seems custom cut to hold the building-crushing, metal-banging, guns-blazing world of Autobots and Decepticons. This little featurette distills the relationship between IMAX and Transformers, narrating how each helped the other surge:

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A Tour (and More) at Skywalker Ranch

by Neena Koyen, Viacom

The press day featured a Q&A with Ben Burtt, who created many of the iconic sound effects heard in the Star Wars franchise, and Dennis Muren, eight-time Oscar winner for Best Visual Effects.

Fans of the one and only whip-cracking, treasure-hunting, globe-trotting archaeology professor are in for a big-screen treat in the coming weeks. Raiders of the Lost Ark, the cinematic classic that introduced the world to Indiana Jones, will debut in IMAX for the first time ever beginning Sept. 7. The film has been completely restored for the one-week release and subsequent Blu-ray debut. “When I saw the stunning quality of the picture and heard the enhanced sound in an IMAX theatre, I was quite literally blown away and hope that audiences will enjoy the experience as much as I did,” said director Steven Spielberg. The full franchise, INDIANA JONES: The Complete Adventures, comes out on Blu-ray Sept. 18. Read More