As Convention Season Arrives, Trio of Viacom Brands Crank up Political Coverage

The U.S. is scheduled to elect a new commander in chief in less than four months. The next president will likely impact legislation regarding, among other issues, LGBT rights, gun control, and climate change. There’s a lot at stake—not just for Americans, but for the entire world.

Viacom’s immense footprint gives us a special responsibility to encourage people to participate in the electoral process. Voting is one of the best means citizens have for achieving goals of social justice and equality.

With this goal in mind, three Viacom brands—Comedy Central, MTV, and BET—are prolifically covering the presidential campaign. Each network has its own political concerns, but the predominant message is simple: just vote.

Here’s a look at what they’ve done so far.

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MTV Looks at ‘Millennials Now’ Through Online Video Content

by Alison Hillhouse, MTV Research

Nick Cannon

It’s well known that Millennials, or those born between 1981 and 2000, are voracious consumers of online video content — as well as creators and sharers of this content. In “Millennials Now,” MTV examined video content created and shared by Millennials over the past year – from viral videos to YouTube creator series to Vines – to determine what this content reveals about this generation. Based on this research, the network uncovered several generational trends, including the key insights below.

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Millennials ‘Redefining Patriotism as an Active Commitment’

by Daina Amorosano, Viacom

Memorial Day Celebrations

In the spirit of the upcoming Fourth of July, MTV took a look at patriotism among young people in its brand new research study, “Millennials & #Merica.” The results tell us a positive story, with an overwhelming 86 percent stating they are “proud to be American” and 8 in 10 agreeing they are “inspired by America.” The research also uncovered a significant shift by young people away from the traditional concept of unquestioning patriotism to a more balanced definition of what it means to be an “American” today – proud of country but highly attuned to its strengths and weaknesses. Read More

Consumer Insights: 10 Ways To Make The Millennial Connection

by Chanon Cook, Comedy Central

makingmillennial connectionComedy Central spends a great deal of time thinking about, engaging with, measuring, and talking to its audience about its brand and competitors. In “Making the Millennial Brand Connection,” Comedy Central set out to broaden that conversation and gain a strong understanding of the brands that Millennials connect with and, most importantly, how those brands connect with them. Based on the analysis of a selection of brands that Millennials love, Comedy Central identified 10 “connection points” or commonalities among these brands. These points were consistent regardless of the product or service offered by the brand.

Key Findings

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The World Cup Will Be More Exciting Than the Olympics, According to Millennials around the World

by Bernadette Simpao, Viacom International Media Networks

Italy Training & Press Conference - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicking off today, MTV got in on the football fun and surveyed young people across eight regions, including Australia, UK, France, Latin America, Germany, Italy, Southeast Asia and Spain, to get a sense of how excited they are for the games. And it’s official: the World Cup is the planet’s most thrilling sports event, according to young people, with 61 percent of Millennials believing the World Cup will be more exciting than the Summer or Winter Olympics. Read More

MTV Surveys Young People in the EU Ahead of European Parliamentary Elections

People vote at a polling station during the European parliament elections in Gibraltar on May 22, 2014. Europe kicked off its mammoth parliamentary elections today, with Britain and the Netherlands going to the polls in a vote that is expected to see a swing towards populist right-wing parties. The elections, which are spread over four days in the EU's 28 member states, are set to produce major gains for anti-immigration parties that are bent on dismantling the European Union from the inside.  AFP PHOTO / MARCOS MORENO        (Photo credit should read MARCOS MORENO/AFP/Getty Images)

People vote at a polling station during the European parliament elections in Gibraltar on May 22, 2014. Europe kicked off its mammoth parliamentary elections today, with Britain and the Netherlands going to the polls in a vote that is expected to see a swing towards populist right-wing parties. (Photo: MARCOS MORENO/AFP/Getty Images)

As the European parliamentary elections kick off today through Sunday, May 25, across the European Union’s member states, MTV undertook a survey in UK, Italy, France, Spain, and Germany to find out what young people aged 15-34 thought about politics and issues relating to them. The responses were revealing and imply a political stance amongst younger people that is both value-driven and grown-up, and at all times at odds with media stories indicating opinion drifting towards far-right nationalist parties such as UKIP and Front National. Read More

The ‘Born-Free’ Generation in South Africa

by Julie Lefevre, Research & Insights, VIMN - Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa

Young people walk in a park in Johannesburg in front of a billboard calling on the people of South Africa to vote for the ANC in the upcoming general election on May 7, in a vote which promises to be the sternest test yet of the ruling African National Congress. (Photo: ALEXANDER JOE/AFP/Getty Images)

April 27, 1994 has a special meaning in South Africa: citizens of all races were allowed to take part in the elections for the first time. The African National Congress (ANC) party won a sweeping victory and Nelson Mandela became the first black elected president of the country.

Two decades later, May 7 will be the first election since Mandela’s death and the first in which the so-called ‘Born-free’ generation are eligible to vote. Read More

Consumer Insights: Comedy Central’s ‘Outrageous & Contagious: Stand-up Study’

by Angela Hamlin, Research, Comedy Central

Tracy Morgan

Social platforms have fueled a new golden age for comedy, in which fans develop personal relationships with comedians and share stand-up content throughout their personal networks. In its study “Outrageous & Contagious: Stand-up Comedy,” Comedy Central delved into this trend and expanded on its research into the Millennial humor experience to better understand the role of stand-up for this age group. The findings reveal that stand-up is a fan favorite that’s on the rise, and identify key factors that make for the ideal stand-up experience. Read More

Scratch Reveals Banking’s Increasing Irrelevance Among Millennials

by Chanel Cathey, Viacom


Viacom’s Scratch embarked on a three-year study, aptly titled the Millennial Disruption Index (MDI), to decode the industries most ripe for disruption at the hands of millennials . The results are in and it’s clear that the financial services industry is struggling to engage and inspire millennials – as consumers and as employees — foretelling what could be the beginning of significant change in this sector. Fast Company signaled this imminent disruption when it unveiled Scratch’s study in Sorry Banks, Millennials Hate You. In fact, millennials don’t hate banks; far worse, traditional banks are becoming irrelevant, as the largest generational cohort in history looks elsewhere to meet their needs.

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