TOMS Founder, Chief Shoe Giver on the Business of Doing Good

by Daina Amorosano, Viacom

Call it a revolution, call it a movement.  Call it good business. Millennials are reinventing capitalism to achieve loftier goals than profit, and Blake Mycoskie, founder of civic-minded shoemaker TOMS, visited MTV to get us thinking about how the network can help.

MTV President Stephen Friedman, host of MTV’s ongoing Pioneers speaker series, called the visit a particular honor because the channel’s aspires to do well by doing good.

“Every day we entertain. But we also try to figure out how to do good in the process,” Friedman said.

Mycoskie, whose official title is Founder + Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS, sat down with Noopur Agarwal of MTV Public Affairs in front of an audience of MTV employees to discuss TOMS’s strategy. The conversation uncovered how Mycoskie turned the venture from a “side project” into a global business operation, and how he’s sustained a profitable business while giving away products for free.

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LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman: ‘If you are not evolving, you are dying’

by Mark Jafar, Viacom

Reid Hoffman (right) chats with MTV News's Ben Wagner

It’s a question that’s captured the imagination of Viacom and many large companies alike:  how do you inject the innovation, energy and “who dares, wins” attitude of a start-up into a big organization with well-established cultures, customs and hierarchies in place?

A good question, for sure…but is it the right one?

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