Your Authenticity Is Your Superpower, and More Insights From HERE Presents: Breakthrough Women in Sports

Asani Swann is the vice president of business strategy at Melo Enterprises, the multi-million-dollar organization of NBA All-Star athlete Carmelo Anthony. She’s also a woman of color.

Swann entered the male-dominated sports management industry armed with a bevy of professional experience in branding, contract negotiation and business partnership from her previous career at Macy’s. She had her MBA. And for the first time in her life, she lost her voice.

“There weren’t a lot of people who looked like me,” said Swann, speaking to nearly 250 Viacom employees and guests at HERE Presents: Breakthrough Women in Sports, a panel discussion sponsored by our employee resource group for women (HERE).

“When I walked into a room, people would ask me if I had gone to college,” said Swann. Other times, they’d ask if she was somebody’s girlfriend.

But Swann didn’t stay silent for long. She learned to alchemize negative energy into personal empowerment. Her career thrived, and so did her soul.

“Authenticity,” said Swann, “is my superpower.”

HERE Presents: Breakthrough Women In Sports panelists share wisdom from their success in a male-dominated industry. From L-R: Lisa Borders, Jaymee Messler, Stephanie McMahon, Pam Kaufman, Constance Schwartz-Morini and Asani Swann. Photo by Matthew Levinson for Nickelodeon.

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Nick Gives Assistance Dog Group a Canine Companion of Its Own

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

Canine Companions for Independence does all kinds of awesome things.

They gave an assistance dog to a quadriplegic girl so she wouldn’t have to call a family member to pick up dropped or needed items around her. They connected 10-year-old Matthias with Aubrey, a similar companion, to ease him through the complex and ongoing battery of appointments necessary to deal with his rare genetic disorder. And they provided wheelchair-bound student Savannah with the nuzzling attention she needs to get through the daily obstacle of hour-long medical procedures.

And they do it all for free.

To bolster that incredible work, the organization is getting a canine companion of its own: the pups of Nickelodeon’s hit show Paw Patrol. The partnership will begin with a variety of events around the country this fall, along with this PSA, which will air across Nick Jr.’s digital properties:

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