BET Says Yes To Our Fans, Yes to Our Stories at the 2017 Upfront Presentation

BET continues its 16-year reign as the number one cable network for African-American viewers. With a broad slate of programming that includes award-winning, original series such as Being Mary Jane, whistle-blowing documentaries such as Charged: The DA vs. Black America, momentous specials like Black Girls Rock!, and renowned tentpole events that include the BET Awards, BET unfailingly captures the zeitgeist of its fans’ world.

At BET’s annual upfront presentation – an event where programmers preview their upcoming shows for advertisers – CEO Debra Lee revealed the network’s plans for the upcoming year: Rebranding sister network Centric, a swell of hit biopics and miniseries, and a partnership with Twitter that focuses on African-American social media trends.

NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 27: (L-R) Actor Deon Cole, comedian Wanda Sykes and Endyia Kinney-Sterns attend the 2017 BET Upfront NY at PlayStation Theater on April 27, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for BET)

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Modern Dads, Social Media, Movie Choices & Curators of Cool: Viacom Global Insights Digest, May 2017

by Christian Kurz, Global Consumer Insights, Viacom

Welcome to the May issue of the Viacom Global Insights Digest, bringing you Viacom’s latest consumer insights from around the world.

This month, we look at modern dads, social media usage, how other people influence our movie choices, and how youth find what’s cool in a cluttered online landscape.

As always, the English version of our blog is home to these stories and many more. All stories are available in Spanish (LatAm) and Portuguese (Brazilian).

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Nickelodeon 2017 Kid’s Choice Awards International Social Squad Is #Goals

It’s almost slime time, and Nick is shaking things up a bit. Nickelodeon International is unveiling its first-ever social squad for the network’s 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards.

The Kids’ Choice Awards official Social Squad is unlike any other celebrity crew. Each member hails from a different part of the world: Germany, Denmark, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, the U.K., and the U.S.

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Trevor Noah Locks In Highest-Rated and Most-Watched Month Ever in February

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

On the strength of fearless political commentary and a globally resonant perspective, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah hammered through February with record ratings, wrapping his most-watched and highest-rated month with 1.5 million viewers. International ratings shot up 22 percent.

Great news, right Trevor?


Even in a crowded late-night talk show space brimming with talent, Noah continues to stand out, recording the only current monthly or quarterly year-over-year ratings increase in both total viewers and in the 18-49 demographic among daily late-night talk shows:

Daily Show Ratings Success February 2017

Noah’s ratings have climbed as he offers smart, incisive commentary on a bruising political landscape of fake news and alternative facts, of accusations of mass voter fraud and U.S. immigration bans. His analysis of President Donald Trump’s first week in office has been viewed nearly 5 million times on YouTube alone:

That ratings have increased even as the news cycle accelerates under the Trump Administration is a reflection of The Daily Show staff’s creative tenacity. “Things have definitely sped up,” Daily Show head writer Zhubin Parang told Slate’s Jen Chaney recently. “We used to be able to predict what the show would be the afternoon before the day, and now we just can’t ever assume that the show we have planned at 7 p.m. the night before is going to be anything like the show that’s ultimately going to air the next day.”

While Noah’s commentary frequently critiques Republican policies and actions, part of the show’s appeal is his willingness to engage guests from across the political spectrum. His December conversation with conservative television and online video host Tomi Lahren about Black Lives Matter, the meaning of the American flag, and race relations is the show’s most-watched on YouTube:

Bold conversations like these have helped propel the show’s digital and social engagement as well, with a 42 percent bump in digital views over February 2016 and more than 6 million social actions (likes, shares, comments, reactions, retweets), a best among the daily late night shows.


You can join the social conversation by following The Daily Show on TwitterInstagram, and Snapchat, and by liking the show’s Facebook page.

As Noah continues on pace toward his best ratings quarter ever, Comedy Central has announced a new edition to its late-night lineup: American and Australian comedian Jim Jefferies will join the network for a weekly show starting this summer. Here’s a little taste of Jefferies’ acerbic style from a Netflix special he released last year:

“Faithfully Recreated” New Edition Story Delivers Authenticity and Torrid Ratings to BET

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

New Edition exploded out of anonymity from the Orchard Park Projects in Roxbury, Massachusetts in the early 1980s, selling millions of albums as the stamped the template for the boy band super-groups of the ‘90s and beyond. At one time, they were bigger than Beat It, when their 1983 debut track Candy Girl beat out one of Michael Jackson’s signature hits for the top spot on the Billboard chart. In the meteoric and fraught years that followed, they would break up and reunite while spawning the solo careers of Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill, along with the quadruple platinum collaboration of Bell Biv DeVoe.

When this foundational tale debuted over three nights last week on BET as The New Edition Story, it instantly became the network’s most-watched premiere since The Game dropped in 2012. The show went on to average more than 4 million viewers per episode across BET and sister network Centric while dominating the social media conversation for three consecutive nights.

The tale resonated in part due to its raw, unfiltered nature, delivering the uncensored drama of the exhilarating climb to success, the infighting that led to break-ups and reunions, the wild back-stage mingling amid groupies and substances, and the financial collapses that defied their spotlight. This scene depicting the group members’ mothers’ rage at receiving a check for $1.87 after a sprawling and highly successful tour is typical:

“Normally biopics are padded with dramatic falsehoods for entertainment,” wrote Billboard’s Niki McGloster, “but as the executive producers of the film, New Edition kept the story true to how they lived it.”

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Vin Diesel Tries to Look Dope While Kicking Ass on Facebook Live Release of New xXx Trailer

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

Vin Diesel is exploding back into his role as Xander Cage this January in xXx: Return of Xander Cage. He is skiing into jungles off of cell phone towers and launching fools out the back of airplanes. He’s skateboarding off the sides of buses. He is riding his motorcycle over water. Oh, and he’s also saving the world.

As if the new trailer weren’t cool enough, the way Vin dropped it on the world was even cooler: through a Facebook Live stream that featured cameos from costars Ruby Rose, Nina Dobrev, Donnie Yen, and others.

Standing on the Paramount Lot in Hollywood, Diesel explained why he decided to deliver the latest promo on Facebook. “Part of the reason I was excited to be doing this with Facebook, is that none other than [Facebook founder] Mark Zuckerberg actually requested me to make another Triple X.”

Vin’s affection for his castmates and the process of making the movie is infectious. “I needed to do a movie where I could smile again,” he says on the stream. “I needed a movie where I enjoyed the laughter, where the laughter would fill me, where the laughter was bursting out. I needed to do a movie where I could get into some of these extreme sports stunts again. I had so much fun just training for these stunts. … When we started filming and I was with this incredible cast, and this atmosphere, and everyone was so excited, everyone was like, ‘Vin, I’ve never seen you so happy.’ I needed it, and you know it.”

It’s easy to see why he’s so excited when you check out the trailer. You can watch the entire Facebook Live stream, in which Vin himself sees the promo for the first time, here:


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Why “He Didn’t Mean It” Has Got to Go

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

We’ve all heard the excuses.

“Well, he was drunk.”

“But he’s such a nice guy.”

“He didn’t mean it.”

But they don’t excuse anything. For survivors of sexual violence, these words – their stubborn, insistent existence – only exasperates the pain.


“He said he was sorry.”

“It was just a misunderstanding.”

“It only happened once.”

So what can be done? After all, boys will be boys. Right?

“It’s none of my business.”

“This is a women’s issue.”

“Yeah, no, we don’t talk about that.”


“We’re never gonna change it.”

“It’s sad, but, um, we’re never gonna fix it.”

The Joyful Heart Foundation does not believe that we will never fix this. That a culture that excuses rape and sexual assault is normal. That there are any excuses left. That boys will just always be boys, and what boys will be is dismissive, aggressive, willful, and, ultimately, excused.

The organization believes that we have had “Enough.” In a powerful new PSA campaign of the same name, produced in conjunction with Viacom Velocity, the organization commandeers these vile but pervasive words and challenges men to actively transform how we view and talk about sexual assault.

They brought company. Joyful Heart founder Mariska Hargitay, who also stars on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, rallied her costars and many other public figures to stand up against this archaic language: Andre Braugher, Andrew Rannells, Anthony Edwards, Blair Underwood, Chris Meloni, Daniel Dae Kim, Dann Florek, Danny Pino, Dave Navarro, David Marciano, Ice-T, Nick Lachey, Peter Hermann, Raul Esparza and Tate Donovan.

The series of PSAs, which will air across MTV, VH1, TV Land, BET, and Spike, among other Viacom properties, is a bold challenge to men: let’s change how we talk about this, so we can, some day, end it.

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2016 MTV VMAs: The Multi-Platform Juggernaut Smashing Our Video Records

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

There really isn’t anything else to add to the graphic below, other than “wow.” The MTV VMAs, a decades-long cultural mainstay, continue to evolve in startling ways that flood the matrix of digital and social channels where our fans live. Get the details below, the highlights (Beyoncé, Kanye, Rihanna, Drake and more) here, and the full show here.

adage_VMA_Ad_One Sheet_10x13_V8.indd

After More Police Shooting Deaths and Violence, Viacom asks What Now?

On Tuesday, July 5, onlookers recorded Alton Sterling’s death in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and uploaded the video to the internet.

One day later, Philandro Castille was shot during a routine traffic stop in Falcon Heights, Minnesota; his girlfriend livestreamed the gruesome aftermath before police confiscated her iPhone.

A day after that, a sniper’s bullets killed five police officers and injured seven others during a protest of the recent events in Dallas.

On Friday, July 8, MTV News and BET News held an open forum for artists, activists, and fans to address the traumatic events of the past week. What Now? aired on 10 Viacom networks and streamed live on YouTube and Facebook. Viewers contributed via the #WhatNow hashtag and call-ins to MTV and BET.

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - 2016/07/10: Several hundred activists gathered for a rally in Times Square to protest alleged police brutality in the deaths of several African-American men, after which they staged a march through Midtown Manhattan, culminating in another rally in Union Square Park. (Photo by Andy Katz/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Several hundred activists gathered for a rally in Times Square to protest recent acts of violence against the black community. Photo courtesy of Getty.

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Velocity Content Network Explained in 3.5 Lines (Plus a Funny Life Hack Video)

A few weeks ago, Viacom launched the Velocity Content Network (VCN)​, a new division of our Viacom Velocity integrated marketing and creative content team. But what the heck is it, exactly, and what does it do? Here’s a quick overview:

1. The Velocity Content Network creates social media branded content (such as funny, entertaining videos) that actually guarantee advertisers a certain number of views.

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