Kate Remsen Inspires a Greener Viacom With “Eco-Lodeon”

Orange is the new green at Nickelodeon—at least, according to Kate Remsen, Burbank-based project coordinator, avid environmentalist and founder of Viacom’s West Coast “Eco-Lodeon” initiatives.

Remsen came to Viacom in 2013 as a Comedy Central intern while studying film and television at Loyola Marymount University. After graduation, she began working as executive assistant to David Steinberg, the senior vice president of animation production at Nickelodeon. “I always wanted to work in entertainment,” said Remsen.

Viacom fulfilled her career goals. Unexpectedly, it became a venue to actualize her passion for environmental sustainability—something she might not have been able to do at other media companies.

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Erica Romero Tells the Story of Astoria You Haven’t Heard

​Erica Romero is enamored with her adapted hometown of Astoria, Queens.The location is perfect—her parents live on Long Island, and she can commute easily to Manhattan for her job here at Viacom. She appreciates the neighborhood’s vibrant mix of old and young residents, of quaint old-world charm and trendy new culture.

“Basically it’s just everything you can imagine is in this really small space,” said Romero, who’s been an Astoria resident for four years now and doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

Romero and her best friend, Michelle Schultz, decided to pay homage to their beloved community by launching the Instagram account@AStoryofAstoria two years ago. While neither Romero nor Schultz are professional photographers – Romero works in Viacom’s Human Resources department, while Schultz is a professional makeup artist – they’ve developed a knack for curating the most scenic snapshots of their town, whether it’s funky street art or a beatific rooftop sunset.

A story of Astoria 824


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