Viacom Joins Group of Employers to Oppose Virginia’s Anti-Same-Sex Marriage Law

Daniel Mandil by Daniel Mandil, Viacom Legal

Back in July 2012, I posted a blog to let you know that Viacom had joined a broad group of employers to file an amicus brief in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit challenging the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  Then in February 2013, a DOMA case out of the Second Circuit called United States v. Windsor went up to the Supreme Court. Once again, we joined an amicus brief calling for DOMA to be struck down as unconstitutional. In both cases, our briefs focused the courts on the perspective of employers. We told the Supreme Court: Read More

TV Needs To Be ‘S.M.A.R.T.’

Christian Kurz by Christian Kurz, Research & Insight, Viacom International Media Networks

It’s no secret that the way consumers watch TV content is evolving and changing.  Viacom’s new research project, TV S.M.A.R.T., provides a deep understanding of how and why TV viewing is changing around the world, as well as insight into how technological advancements are impacting consumption and engagement. During the study, we connected with more than 27,000 viewers across 32 countries. We were granted unprecedented access into their lives and TV viewing habits to arrive at a deep, immersive understanding of what drives their TV watching preferences. The findings reveal that TV is still the king of media, but it needs to be SMART — social, mobile, accessible, relevant and tailored. Read More

Consumer Insights: Viacom International Media Networks’ ‘Power of Laughter’

James Guerrier by James Guerrier, Research & Insights, Comedy Central, VIMN


In its ongoing research into “The Power of Laughter,” Viacom International Media Networks offers an international perspective on the social and emotional benefits of laughter. The multi-layered, multi-territory look across 12 countries explores the impact of laughter on people’s well being, as well as how much more engaged audiences are when watching funny or humorous content. Thanks to an innovative facial scanner, GfK Emo Scan, that decodes subjects’ emotional response to visual stimulus by tracking intricate facial movements, this study was able to quantitatively measure the impact of laughter with moment-to-moment analyses. The findings reveal that laughter is life’s best medicine for the mind, body and soul, and that comedy boosts levels of engagement. Read More

Consumer Insights: Comedy Central’s ‘Outrageous & Contagious: Stand-up Study’

by Angela Hamlin, Research, Comedy Central

Tracy Morgan

Social platforms have fueled a new golden age for comedy, in which fans develop personal relationships with comedians and share stand-up content throughout their personal networks. In its study “Outrageous & Contagious: Stand-up Comedy,” Comedy Central delved into this trend and expanded on its research into the Millennial humor experience to better understand the role of stand-up for this age group. The findings reveal that stand-up is a fan favorite that’s on the rise, and identify key factors that make for the ideal stand-up experience. Read More

‘Broad City’ Heads to Cannes for MIPTV 2014

Jennifer Needham by Jennifer Needham, VIMN UK

Of course it wouldn’t be MIPTV without a few big names to create a stir:  50 Cent was likely ‘passing the Patron’ during his market debut, and Kim Cattrall added a touch of sex to the city for her Monday keynote, but courtesy of Comedy Central, word on La Croissete was there were three other broads in town… Read More